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Digital transformations: the growth of online betting in Brazil post-pandemic – Games Magazine Brasil

ANBIMA, a reference in the Brazilian financial sector, and Datafolha, one of the country’s leading research institutes, annually conduct the Brazilian Investor Profile study. This survey, now in its seventh edition, plays an important role in mapping the changes in the financial habits of Brazilians, especially during periods of significant economic transformation such as the recent pandemic.

In its latest edition, the study pointed to a notable phenomenon: a surge in interest in online sports betting. It was observed that approximately 22 million Brazilians, or 14% of the population, participated in online betting in 2023, surpassing many traditional investment channels in terms of participation.

Among bettors, there was an increase in participation from individuals in higher income brackets and investors, with the Generation Z standing out, demonstrating significant interest (29%) in these activities. This data suggests an inclination of this generation towards forms of entertainment that integrate technology and interactivity.

The motivation behind the bets is predominantly the pursuit of quick gains and high returns, with 40% of bettors aiming for quick money and 39% attracted by the potential high profits. However, a clear distinction must be established: betting is not a traditional investment. The sports betting sector, while growing, still lacks maturity and appropriate regulations that could mitigate risks and correct common misconceptions.

As Brazil witnesses an exponential growth of online sports betting, the importance of effective regulation and innovative strategies becomes more evident. The complexities of this emerging market demand not only a deep understanding of current trends but also an accurate forecast of the future. This is a field where experience and expertise can make a substantial difference.

Faced with these challenges, it is essential that betting operators, lawmakers, and other stakeholders seek specialized guidance to navigate through a constantly evolving regulatory landscape. Specialized consultancy, with a strong focus on ethical and sustainable strategies, can help shape policies that not only meet regulatory needs but also promote a fair and safe betting environment.

At Quiliconi Consulting, we are dedicated to collaborating with all stakeholders in the sector to ensure that innovations not only keep pace with technology but also reinforce the integrity and responsibility of the market. I invite all those interested in deepening these discussions and exploring strategic solutions to join us on this journey towards a promising future for sports betting in Brazil.

Gabriel Quiliconi 

Founder and Lead Consultant of Quiliconi Consulting, a consultancy specializing in institutional and governmental relations in highly regulated environments. With over 20 years of experience in multinational companies, Gabriel is a lawyer and specialist in Law, in addition to holding an MBA in Leadership, Innovation, and Management. His work spans various sectors, emphasizing innovative strategies and regulatory compliance.