Kendrick Lamar might have won his high-profile rap battle with Drake thanks to the timing of his release of meet the grahams, which completely stepped on Drake’s release of Family Matters mere hours earlier.

But some of the lyrics of that song are appearing to be just as true as they are searing.

After Lamar twice claimed Drake had a gambling addiction in the song, a $565,000 bet the Canadian rapper just lost on Sunday’s heavyweight title fight between Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk didn’t help to prove Lamar wrong.

Drake’s love of sports betting isn’t much of a secret, as he frequently shares his bets on social media — with some of his big losses leading people to believe his bets are a curse on the side he picks.

That certainly appeared to be the case for Fury, who was the -125 favorite with a 34-0 record.