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Zara begins testing live shopping in Europe, the UK and the US.

Zarathe The leading brand of the Inditex Groupa test will start Direct Shopping in Europe, UK, Europe and US. This is 2024, it says Reuters News Agency. In this way, this format, which is already very popular in China, will be tested in Western markets, where buyers are not familiar with this method.

Live shopping will be done through its own app and website, rather than a third-party platform, to ensure control over aesthetics, Reuters reported. In China, Zara makes weekly direct purchases from DouyinThe Chinese version of TikTok, since last November. This initiative has allowed it to boost sales in the Asian country.

Unlike China, where the textile company’s live shopping lasts five hours, In new markets, the goal is for it to last between 45 minutes and an hour.

At Douyin, the Zara event includes models wearing the Spanish brand’s clothing and trying on shoes and jewelry. It also includes catwalk sequences and makeup shots. A team of 70 people is working on these live shows in China, on an area of ​​about 1,000 square meters in Shanghai. in the middle, These experiences attract approximately 800,000 unique viewers per program.

“We want to bring this to Western countries, where live streaming is not very popular… but we believe that, from an entertainment perspective, this is an improvement.”A said Brand spokesperson.

In the case of the UK, Europe and the US, direct shopping will take the spotlight Zara collections for women They will be guided by “well-known fashion personalities,” the textile company said in a statement. Viewers will also be able to interact in real time, with questions, comments and emojis.

«We cannot always assume that what worked in China will work in Western Europe or the UK” Warn JPMorgan analyst Georgina Johanan. However, he added that Inditex’s investment in direct shopping is an example of its ability to be at the forefront by experimenting with new formats.

Brands like asos, Real And American Lion They recently launched their live streaming initiatives in the UK through TikTok Shop. AliExpressFor her part, she launched a live show called “It Girls” in March, with influencers like Olivia Atwood.

A promising future for direct shopping

Carmen Mollywhich I began to introduce The first live broadcast on AliExpress in China in 2016, He now advises brands on direct shopping strategies. «Here in Europe, we don’t like something to be oversold…offering something the consumer wouldn’t normally find in stores is a good idea – you need to make the event special, otherwise why would they join?Molly commented in statements to the American News Agency.

Currently, the group is headed by Marta Ortega It did not reveal the amount of its investment in this new form. Through this expansion, Zara seeks to replicate its success in China and revolutionize the online sales landscape in the West, by combining products Entertainment and shopping In an innovative and attractive way to consumers.