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World’s best country to be retired named

The World Happiness Report was released earlier this week and Finland maintained its place at the top of the table for the seventh consecutive year.

But this year’s report was a little different as the team also divided the results by age group, looking at happiness levels for people over the age of 60 and people below the age of 30.

In some countries, the difference in happiness levels between young and old people was very stark with young people much less content than older people in the USA and Canada.

On the flip side, young people were much happier than those over 60 in Croatia, Bulgaria and Serbia.

According to the report, Denmark is the best place to be aged over 60 with that age group recording extremely high happiness levels.

The beautiful Scandinavian country has a well-rated public transport network and an impressive healthcare system.

Despite this, Denmark has quite a late retirement age with people born after 1967 only able to receive their state pension at the age of 69. However, those currently over 60 have a slightly lower retirement age.

The Nordic countries were overall the best place in the world to be old with Finland, Norway, Sweden and Iceland rounding off the top five.

The UK scored reasonably highly landing in 20th position and people over 60 were happier than those under 30 in the UK.

Afghanistan was the worst place in the world to be over 60 while Zambia, Lebanon and Botswana were close behind.