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Unpacking The Future Of Sports Betting, Gaming, Esports

The Sports Betting, Gaming & Esports: A Deep Dive virtual event on May 16 at 11 am ET will bring together industry leaders to discuss these rapidly growing fields’ current and future state. This session will provide attendees a platform to hear from top professionals about the trends shaping these industries.

The event will feature an impressive roster of speakers, including Chad Beynon, Jordan Bender, Charles Gillespie and Joe Levy. Each brings a unique set of experiences and insights to the table.

Beynon, head of U.S. research and sell-side equity analyst at Macquarie, will focus on gaming, lodging and theaters. Macquarie’s reputation for its diversified global financial services will underpin his analysis.

Bender of Citizens JMP will draw from his extensive background as a senior equity research analyst covering the gaming sector, which includes casinos, gaming REITs and online gaming and sports betting. Drawing from the latest earnings reports, Bender will provide a nuanced view of the market’s performance trends.

“The good and bad we have seen in 1Q24 earnings season. Online gaming divisions have been upbeat around average revenue exiting 2023 and contributing to solid handle trends for both sports betting and iGaming,” Bender said.

While online gaming has shown promising revenue and engagement trends, some challenges persist. “Unfavorable sport outcomes have now proven to be a headwind in both 1Q24 and 4Q23,” he added, highlighting the impact of game results on financial performance.

Looking ahead, Bender remains optimistic about the near future, especially the summer months, which are typically less volatile for gaming margins.

“We believe the positive underlying factors (handle, wager intensity) will shine through in results, in the absence of unfavorable game outcomes,” he stated. This expectation is based on the consistent growth in wagers and the intensity of betting, which are likely to reflect positively in upcoming financial results.

Gillespie, the CEO of Gambling.com, will share his experiences leading one of the largest performance marketing companies in the online gambling industry. His insights will reflect his comprehensive background in managing a central digital platform in the gambling market.

Levy, founder and CEO of Betr, will bring perspectives from launching a company that focuses on innovating sports betting through simplified betting experiences tailored to casual fans.

The discussions at the event cover various facets of sports betting, gaming and esports, with each speaker providing their views based on their areas of expertise and professional backgrounds. This setup ensures a diverse range of topics pertinent to these sectors’ current and future market conditions.

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