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Top Tech News Today: Tata Group’s Semiconductor Plant In Dholera, Apple Vision Pro Used For Sur

Tata Group To Set Up Semiconductor Plant In Dholera

Describing it as a momentous occasion for both India and the Tata Group, Tata Sons chairman N Chandrasekaran has provided insights into the semiconductor facility, a collaborative venture with Taiwan-based Powerchip (PSMC), set to be established in Gujarat’s Dholera. The project, estimated at a cost of Rs 91,000 crore, marks a significant step towards bolstering India’s semiconductor manufacturing capabilities. As India’s venture into semiconductor manufacturing progresses, the Tata Group’s Dholera plant set to unveil the country’s inaugural indigenous semiconductor chip by 2026.

Apple Vision Pro Headset Used For Surgery At UK Hospital

In a breakthrough, Apple’s Vision Pro mixed reality headset, played a pivotal role in a recent surgical procedure at the Cromwell Hospital in the UK. This revolutionary application of technology witnessed the headset being utilised during a intricate spine surgery, signifying a remarkable leap forward in the field of medical technology. According to a Metro report, during the procedure, it wasn’t the surgeon, but the theatre nurse who wore the Apple Vision Pro headset. Serving as a vital assistant, the nurse used the headset to navigate through the complexities of the surgery, ensuring compliance with the appropriate surgical protocols and facilitating the accurate selection of tools needed for the procedure.

Gemini AI Will Not Answer Queries On Any Global Elections This Year

Google’s AI chatbot Gemini will now refrain from addressing queries related to global elections this year, according to an announcement made by the Alphabet-owned company on Tuesday. This decision aims to prevent potential errors in the application of the technology amidst rising concerns over misinformation. The move follows a surge in concerns regarding the spread of fake news and misinformation fueled by advancements in generative AI technology, particularly in areas such as image and video generation. Governments have been prompted to enact regulations to address these concerns.

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Oppo Self-Help Assistant, That Can Let Users Fix Issues Themselves, Launched

Handset maker Oppo India on Wednesday introduced the Oppo Self-Help Assistant, which is a digital service designed with an aim to assist users in resolving smartphone issues without the need to visit a service centre. This service from the smartphone maker includes all Oppo devices released in the past five years, including the ones in the Oppo A, F, K, Reno and Find Series.

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Jio May Roll Out UPI Payment Soundbox

Reliance Jio is reportedly looking to enter the payments soundbox sector, aiming to take on market giants Paytm and PhonePe. According to sources cited by The Hindu Business Line, Reliance Jio is expected to introduce payment boxes sometime this year. The digital payment sector is witnessing rapid growth in India. The entry of Reliance Jio’s Payments Soundbox is expected to intensify competition among key players in the UPI segment.

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