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TechUK celebrates UK’s top 200 fastest-growing tech companies in public sector

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Tussell and TechUK have unveiled the 3rd annual Tech200 awards, this highlights the exceptional growth of the 200 fastest-growing technology companies in the UK public sector

From the financial year 2021/22 to 2022/23, these companies have demonstrated skills in supplying cutting-edge solutions to government entities nationwide, in anticipation of the Tech200 awards. 

The foundation of the Tech200 awards lies in an analysis conducted by Tussell’s market intelligence platform. By analysing data from over 900 public sector bodies, the ranking is calculated based on the percentage growth in direct public spending with these tech firms. 

How companies get nominated

Companies must have received at least £100,000 in direct public sector spending during the specified financial year to be considered. Embracing a comprehensive approach, the selection process contains various criteria to identify diverse technology firms. 

The Tech200 showcases the diverse and impressive tech scene, featuring top advisors, telecoms, and ecosystem leaders. Each nominee undergoes strict manual validation to ensure maximum relevance and accuracy in the final list. 

Tech200 serves as a testament to the rapid evolution of technology within the public sector and also provides valuable insights into the state and future of the government’s tech marketplace. 

As highlighted by Tussell and TechUK, the composition of each year’s list offers a glimpse into the innovative solutions and emerging technologies adopted by government entities.

Using Tussel to see which suppliers had the largest increase

Central to the Tech200 initiative is the collaborative effort between Tussell and techUK. As the UK’s leading technology trade association, techUK is pivotal in fostering innovation and collaboration across businesses, government agencies, and stakeholders.  

With nearly 1,000 members, including a significant proportion of SMEs, techUK champions the transformative power of digital technology to create a better future for all.

Between FY21/22 and FY22/23, suppliers were ranked by the largest increase in revenue. The top supplier was the change-IT group, with a 2109% public sector revenue growth between FY21/22 and FY22/23. 

Top 10 ranking:

  1. Change-IT group (IT Consultancy)
  2. Securecloud+ (IT Consultancy)
  3. AWTG (Software Partner)
  4. Barrier Networks (Cyber Security)
  5. On-Site Scanning (Data Management)
  6. Kin and Carta (IT Consultancy)
  7. Neos Networks (Telecoms)
  8. Strategic Blue (IT Consultancy)
  9. Dense Air (Telecoms)
  10. Access PLC (IT Consultancy)

Benefits of TechUK 

TechUK empowers its members to navigate the complexities of a rapidly evolving digital landscape. By facilitating dialogue and collaboration, techUK catalyses innovation and drives progress across key sectors, from healthcare and education to infrastructure and cybersecurity.

The list reinforces the pivotal role of technology in driving positive change and enhancing the delivery of public services. 

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