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Starmer names Cabinet as Angela Rayner and Rachel Reeves get top jobs

Starmer names Cabinet as Angela Rayner and Rachel Reeves get top jobs

SIR Keir Starmer is formally naming his Cabinet as the top team meet in No10 for the first time.

Firebrand Angela Rayner has been appointed Deputy PM and Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities.


Ed Milliband will be Britain’s next Energy SecretaryCredit: EPA
Health Secretary Wes Streeting arrives at Downing Street as Sir Keir Starmer confirms his cabinet


Health Secretary Wes Streeting arrives at Downing Street as Sir Keir Starmer confirms his cabinetCredit: SWNS:South West News Service
David Lammy is expected to take up the position of Foreign Secretary


David Lammy is expected to take up the position of Foreign SecretaryCredit: AFP or licensors
Angela Rayner will be Britain's Deputy PM


Angela Rayner will be Britain’s Deputy PMCredit: Reuters
Keir Starmer meeting fans lined up on Downing Street


Keir Starmer meeting fans lined up on Downing StreetCredit: Reuters

And Rachel Reeves makes history today as Britain’s first female Chancellor.

The coveted role of Foreign Secretary will be held by David Lammy, while Yvette Cooper as Home Secretary faces the tough task of stopping small boats.

Meanwhile, the nation’s security will heavily depend on John Healey as Defence Secretary.

Other cabinet roles include:

  • Shabana Mahmood as Justice Secretary
  • Wes Streeting as Health Secretary
  • Bridget Phillipson as Education Secretary
  • Ed Miliband as Energy Security and Net Zero Secretary
  • Pat McFadden as Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster
  • Liz Kendall as Secretary Work and Pensions Secretary
  • Jonathan Reynolds as Business and Trade Secretary
  • Peter Kyle as Science, Innovation and Technology Secretary
  • Louise Haigh MP as Transport Secretary

Earlier Sir Keir promised to “fight every day” and “rebuild Britain” as he delivered his first speech in front of No. 10.

In sun-soaked Downing Street, the Labour chief vowed that “my government will serve you”.

After a historic election night:

  • Keir Starmer has become Britain’s next Prime Minister after Labour got 412 seats amid a brutal Tory wipeout.
  • He promised to lead a Labour party grounded in “public service” in his first speech as PM in front of a jubilant crowd at No 10.
  • Sir Keir will now appoint his cabinet as he cracks on with his plan for change.
  • Rishi Sunak admitted defeat earlier on the steps of Downing Street and apologised to the nation for his party’s failures.
  • Tory big beasts including former PM Liz Truss and ex-Defence Secretary Grant Shapps have lost seats after a nightmare night for Conservatives.
  • He was followed by Leader of the House Penny Mordaunt, one of eight Cabinet ministers have lost their seats
  • Nigel Farage’s Reform party claimed an unprecedented four seats as they grabbed votes from the Tories.
  • Tory defector Lee Anderson claimed the first Reform seatfollowed by Farage, Richard Tice, and Rupert Lowe.
  • Sir Keir’s predecessor Jeremy Corbyn, now standing as an independent, also held onto Islington North
  • All eyes are now on our new PM with Piers Morgan telling our Never Mind The Ballots election show that Sir Keir MUST deliver real change after the Tory disaster

Making an appeal to those who did not vote for his party yesterday, he said: “Whether you voted Labour or not, in fact, especially if you did not, I say to you directly: my government will serve you.”

Sir Keir acknowledged changing a country is not “like flicking a switch” and that will “take a while”.

But he went on to say: “I have no doubt that the work of change begins immediately. I have no doubt that we will rebuild Britain with wealth created in every community.”

The new Prime Minister also invited the country to join him in his mission.

And he pledged to bring an end to “the era of noisy performance”.

To rapturous applause, Sir Keir said: “We will show that we’ve changed the Labour Party, returned it to service, and that is how we will govern.

“With respect and humility, I invite you all to join this government of service in the mission of national renewal.

“Country first, party second. Our work is urgent and we begin it today.”

Britain’s new PM added: “For too long now, we’ve turned a blind eye.

“As millions slid into greater insecurity, nurses, builders, drivers, carers, people doing the right thing, working harder every day, recognized at moments like this before.

“Yet, as soon as the cameras stopped rolling, their lives are ignored.

“I want to say very clearly to those people: Not this time.”

Sir Keir said his work is “urgent” and vowed “to begin it today”.

The incoming PM must mull over which Labour MPs to include in his Cabinet.

It came as Rishi Sunak made an emotional statement from Downing Street, where he thanked his “beautiful daughters” for the sacrifices they made while he governed the country.

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The ex-PM will stay on as leader of the opposition until “the formal arrangements for selecting my successor are in place”.

With a glimmer in his eye, Mr Sunak said: “I would like to say first and foremost, I am sorry.

“I have given this job my all.

“But you have sent a clear signal that the government of the United Kingdom must change.

“And yours is the only judgement that matters.”

“I have heard your anger, your disappointment, and I take responsibility for this loss.”

The ex-PM hailed “just how unremarkable it is that two generations after my grandparents came here with little I could become prime minister”.

He described the beauty in being able to watch his young daughters “light Divali candles on the steps in Downing Street.”

Turning to his successor, Mr Sunak said: “Whilst he has been my political opponent, Sir Keir Starmer will shortly become our prime minister.

“In this job, his successes will be all our successes, and I wish him and his family well.

“Whatever our disagreements in this campaign, he is a decent, public spirited man who I respect.”

Mr Sunak then travelled to Buckingham Palace, where the King formally accepted his resignation.

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  • Michael Gove congratulates Rayner

    Senior Tory Michael Gove, who did not stand for re-election, congratulated Angela Rayner on her new role this afternoon.

  • More MPs arrive at Downing Street

    Hilary Benn and Steve Reed have made their way into No 10.

  • Cabinet appointments

    Shabana Mahmood has been named Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice.

    The former barrister, a key ally of the new Prime Minister, held on to her Birmingham Ladywood seat.

    Wes Streeting is the new Health Secretary after clinging on to his Ilford North seat by just a few hundred votes.

    Bridget Phillipson has been appointed Education Secretary.

    She became the first MP elected overnight as her constituency, Houghton and Sunderland South, was the first to declare results.

    Sir Keir Starmer also appointed Ed Miliband Secretary of State for Energy Security and Net Zero.

    The MP for Doncaster North led the Labour party from 2010 to 2015.

    David Lammy has been named the UK’s new Foreign Secretary and said it was “the honour of my life”.

    He said in a tweet on X: “It is the honour of my life to be appointed Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Affairs.

    “The world faces huge challenges, but we will navigate them with the UK’s enormous strengths.

    “We will reconnect Britain for our security and prosperity at home.”

    Rachel Reeves was confirmed as Britain’s first woman chancellor, Angela Rayner is Sir Keir’s Deputy Prime Minister and retained the levelling up, housing and communities brief, and Yvette Cooper is Home Secretary.

    The first batch of appointments contained no surprises as Pat McFadden, who played a central role in shaping Labour’s election campaign, was named Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, and John Healey Defence Secretary.

  • More MPs rolling in

    Jo Stevens and Darren Jones have also made their way into No 10 as Sir Keir names his Cabinet.

  • In pictures: MPs arriving at No 10

    Sir Keir Starmer has today named his new Labour Cabinet.

    Here are some snaps of the MPs making their way up Downing Street.

    Angela Rayner
    Angela RaynerCredit: Reuters
    Ed Miliband
    Ed MilibandCredit: EPA
    Lucy Powell
    Lucy PowellCredit: Reuters
    Angela Smith
    Angela SmithCredit: Reuters
    Lisa Nandy
    Lisa NandyCredit: SWNS
    Rachel Reeves
    Rachel ReevesCredit: Getty
    Shabana Mahmood
    Shabana MahmoodCredit: Getty
    Bridget Phillipson
    Bridget PhillipsonCredit: EPA
    Yvette Cooper
    Yvette CooperCredit: SWNS
    Jonathan Reynolds
    Jonathan ReynoldsCredit: Rex

  • Reeves makes history

    Rachel Reeves is the UK’s first female chancellor.

    She beamed as she arrived at No 10 this afternoon.

  • Who has walked into Downing Street this afternoon?

    As it stands, Angela Rayner, Pat McFadden, Rachel Reeves, Shabana Mahmood, John Healey, Wes Streeting, David Lammy, Peter Kyle, Bridget Phillipson, Yvette Cooper, Jonathan Reynolds, Ed Miliband, Lisa Nandy, Ian Murray, Louise Haigh, Lucy Powell and Liz Kendall have made their way inside No 10.

  • Louise Haigh has arrived at No 10

    The Shadow Secretary of State for Transport has walked into Downing Street.

    Louise Haigh is the self-dubbed ‘passenger-in-chief’ – or Transport Secretary in non-Labour speak. 

    With train cancellations, faulty lines, and never-ending strikes a constant blight on the UK network, the 26-year-old has said that she will get Britain moving again and fix our railways.

    When she was elected as MP for Sheffield Heeley in the 2015 election she became the youngest Labour member of that parliament – aged just 27.

    After her first year in Westminster she was declared the “most hard-working” new MP in a study of those elected in 2015.

    Before she ran for public office she worked as public policy manager for insurance company Aviva. 

    She first joined the shadow cabinet in 2015 when Jeremy Corbyn was Labour leader and has previously been Shadow Minister for Civil Service and Digital Reform and Shadow Secretary of State for Northern Ireland.

    She nominated Corbyn as a candidate for the Labour leadership in 2015 then later said she regretted it. 

  • Ed Miliband heading into Downing Street

    Shadow Energy Secretary Ed Miliband is the latest Labour bigwig to enter No. 10

    Miliband previously clashed with Starmer and Rachel Reeves after they scrapped Labour’s £28billion eco pledge.

    It’ll be interesting to see if Starmer trusts his predecessor-but-one as Labour leader with a big role.

  • Reeves confirmed as Chancellor

    Labour’s Rachel Reeves has been appointed Chancellor of the Exchequer.

    New Chancellor Rachel Reeves
    New Chancellor Rachel Reeves

    Reeves will be the first female Chancellor in the role’s 800-year history.

    It is one of the few appointments Sir Keir Starmer confirmed going into the election.

  • Jonathan Reynolds arrives in Downing Street

    Shadow Business Secretary Jonathan Reynolds has arrived in Downing Street for his meeting with Keir Starmer.

    Reynolds is one of Keir Starmer’s top allies and a plum post likely awaits.

  • Angela Rayner named Deputy Prime Minister

    Downing Street says Angela Rayner has been appointed Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities.

    Angela Rayner will be Deputy PM
    Angela Rayner will be Deputy PM

    Rayner will also be Deputy Prime Minister.

    Labour appear to have kept the Tory catchphrase “Levelling Up” after mulling alternatives.

  • Diane Abbott to be Mother of the House

    Labour’s Diane Abbott will be Mother of the House in the new Parliament.

    Diane Abbott will be Mother of the House
    Diane Abbott will be Mother of the House

    The title goes to the longest-serving female MP in the House of Commons.

    Abbott was first elected MP for Hackney North and Stoke Newington in 1987.

  • Bridget Phillipson heads into No. 10

    The daughter of a single mum, Bridget was brought up on a tough street in the former mining town of Washington in Sunderland.

    She relied on benefits and free school meals growing up, and was a painfully shy child.

    But her mum was a powerful force of nature, a Labour activist who ran a women’s refuge. 

    She signed her daughter up for acting lessons after school and Bridget ended up becoming an extra on Byker Grove. 

    Bridget was just 26 when she won the seat of Houghton & Sunderland South making her one of Labour’s youngest MPs.

    She loathed Jeremy Corbyn and was promoted by Sir Keir Starmer – first to Shadow Treasury Minister and then to Shadow Education Secretary. 

    The mother-of-two has been pushed hard by team Starmer, but remains an enigma and has not announced much policy apart from VAT on private schools.

  • Yvette Cooper enters No. 10

    Married to Ed Balls, Yvette is one-half of one of New Labour‘s star power couples.

    She was born to a trade union boss and a maths teacher and flew academically – studying at Oxford, Harvard and the LSE.

    Yvette, 55, started out in politics in the early 1990s, working as a researcher for then Labour leader John Smith before jetting stateside to help Bill Clinton’s presidential campaign in 1992.

    Elected as the MP for Pontefract and Castleford in Tony Blair’s 1997 landslide victory, she has landed a string of frontbench jobs.

    But she refused to serve under Jeremy Corbyn, instead becoming boss of the powerful Home Affairs select Committee.

    Yvette, was nicknamed the ‘Tory assassin’ after her forensic cross examination led to Amber Rudd to quit as Home Sec.

    The mother-of-three’s first job was on a farm picking strawberries and driving a tractor. 

    Yvette’s attention to detail makes her a formidable opponent. 

  • David Lammy enters Downing Street

    Set to become Britain’s chief diplomat, Tottenham choirboy David Lammy is known as one of the most outspoken members of Keir’s shadow cabinet. 

    He was promoted in the Tony Blair years before backing Jeremy Corbyn in the leadership election – before U-turning and saying he regretted it.

    He has strong transatlantic ties with the Democrats stemming from when he met Barack Obama while studying at Harvard University.

    Not exactly known for his tact, he faces a frosty reception from presidential hopeful Donald Trump after previously describing him as a Nazi sympathiser. 

    The shadow foreign secretary has also expressed support for charging Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu with alleged war crimes.

    In 2022 he was found to have breached the ministerial code after he failed to declare almost £40,000 worth of financial interests on time. 

  • Birds of a feather…

    The incoming Parliament includes the MPs Maria Eagle, Jodie Gosling, Angela Eagle, Robin Swann, Sean Woodcock, Peter Swallow and Stephanie Peacock.

    Ashley Fox, Peter Lamb and Lorraine Beavers will also help represent the animal kingdom, at least with their surnames.

  • Wes Streeting enters No. 10

    A Blairite tipped as a future Labour leader and Prime Minister, Mr Streeting’s background reads like a Danny Dyer script.

    Wes, 41, was brought up on a council estate in London’s East End to a single mum who often had to pawn her jewellery to pay the bills.

    His granddad Bill was a Royal Navy World War II veteran – but also a bank robber who hung out with the East End’s infamous Kray twins and spent his life in and out of jail.

    His nan Libby ended up getting embroiled in Bill’s crimes and sharing a prison cell with Christine Keeler, the model at the heart of the Profumo Affair.

    The Ilford South MP is a proud patriot who often talks of his love for King and country – values he got from his granddad Bill.

    Wes has warned the NHS must “reform or die”. He has set himself the mammoth task of fixing it. It is a goal that could seal his political fate.

  • Rachel Reeves entering Downing Street

    Labour’s pre-election shadow chancellor is the latest MP to enter No. 10.

    Rachel Reeves has spent the past 18 months carefully reinventing herself as the new, non-nonsense ‘Iron Chancellor’ in waiting.

    It is a deliberate nod to Margaret Thatcher and designed to show Brits that she can be trusted with their hard-earned cash.

    Reeves was a schoolgirl chess champion, studied PPE at Oxford and worked at the Bank of England

    After getting elected as Leeds West MP in 2010, Rachel quickly became a rising star of Ed Miliband’s frontbench.

    But Reeves has her critics in Labour ranks after refusing to serve in Jeremy Corbyn’s shadow cabinet.

    Her career really took off when Sir Keir Starmer promoted her to shadow chancellor in his first big reshuffle in 2021.

    Since then the pair have been joined at the hip – they are probably the closest No10 and No11 pairing since David Cameron and George Osborne.

    A tough cookie, she was key in scrapping Labour’s £28 billion a year green eco pledge – much to the fury of Ed Miliband and Angela Rayner.

  • Seven protesters heckle Farage

    At least seven protesters have heckled Nigel Farage at his victory presser.

    There were shouts of “You’re a racist” and “You don’t represent the working class”.

    More to follow.

  • Farage claps back at hecklers

    Two hecklers were escorted out of Nigel Farage’s press conference just now.

    Farage repeatedly shouted “Boring” at the pair of protesters.

    He says this it be good preparation for the reception he will get in the Commons.

  • Cabinet appointments get underway

    Pat McFadden, Labour’ national campaign coordinator, has just arrived at No 10.

    He was also a shadow Cabinet Office minister and is expected to play a very big role in Keir Starmer’s government.

    But we do not yet know what McFadden’s role will be – stay tuned for live updates.

  • Heckler thrown out of Farage press conference

    A heckler has just been thrown out of Nigel Farage’s press conference.

    A heckler has been booted out of Nigel Farage's press conference
    A heckler has been booted out of Nigel Farage’s press conference

    The Reform UK boss has just been elected MP for the Essex seaside town of Clacton.

    This is Farage’s first successful bid for a Commons seat after seven failed attempts.

    Stay tuned for everything Farage has to say in his post-election presser.

  • Angela Rayner heading into Downing Street

    Labour’s deputy leader Angela Rayner has just arrived in Downing Street.

    Angela Rayner arriving in Downing Street
    Angela Rayner arriving in Downing Street

    Rayner is set to be named deputy prime minister in Sir Keir Starmer’s government.

    Labour’s firebrand deputy leader is known for her tough talk and left-wing politics.

    She grew up on a Stockport council estate in abject poverty – once recalling how her mum fed her dog food because she could not read the label on the tin.

    Angela – or Angie as she is known by her friends – left school without any qualifications and was pregnant at 16.

    After her son Ryan was born she started work as a carer, then becoming a trade union rep for Unison before becoming an MP for Ashton-under-Lyne in 2015.

  • Reform UK blasting club anthems

    While journalists wait for Nigel Farage to give his press conference, they are treated to Darude Sandstorm and Rhythm of the Night.

    The rousing tunes will help keep the bleary-eyed press pack awake after a gruelling overnight shift.