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See your top travel picks in your Skyscanner Saved list 

It’s time to close all those tabs. Planning your next trip got much easier with the ultimate travel wish list from Skyscanner. You can now add all your top travel picks and compare them in your Saved list.  

How to add flights and hotels to your Saved list  

Planning a holiday isn’t always easy. Even deciding where to go can be tricky – especially when you’ve got a lengthy travel bucket list. We know Skyscanner already helps travellers stay on-budget without compromising on adventure. But something was missing. Travellers were telling us about their frustrations at needing loads of tabs open and having to take a bunch of screenshots before being able to book a trip. So we listened.  

The Saved feature means you can browse from thousands of travel deals as normal, and when you see something you like, you can save it for later. Here’s how it works…  

1. Find your flights and hotel

Search for flights and hotels to a specific destination or to ‘Everywhere’. And if you’re flexible when you fly, use the whole month search view to find the cheapest day  

2. Save them for later

Select the heart icon next to your top picks to save them for later (yes, you really can close all those tabs). You’ll just need to make sure you’re logged into your Skyscanner account.  

Top tip: Download the Skyscanner app to create separate Saved lists for all the different trips you’re planning (or dreaming of!). 

Screenshot of Skyscanner Saved list feature. The heart icons are animated to highlight in blue

3. Compare your options

Go to your Saved list to see all your options in one place. Just look out for the heart icon on your desktop or mobile app.  

Top tip: Keep an eye on your notifications – we’ll send you Price Alerts when the airfare changes.

Collage of images. Image 1 is a person smiling at the sky. Image 2 is a screenshot of the Skyscanner Saved feature. Image 3 is a quiet street with old fashioned buildings.

4. Book your trip 

All that’s left to do now is to book your trip!

If you need more time to weigh up your options, the flights and hotels added to your Saved list won’t go anywhere. Plus, when you add a flight to your Saved list, we’ll automatically send you Price Alerts so you’ll be the first to know if the price changes. 

 So you can book your trip at the right time, for the best price. 

Person looking at their phone. The Skyscanner flight icon appears above the phone.

Travel wish list inspiration

If your Saved list is currently empty and you’re stuck for travel ideas, look no further. We’ve crunched the numbers in our Travel Trends report, where we combine booking data with consumer behaviour to predict how and where people will travel in the next year. 

It’s no surprise that the most popular countries to visit in 2024 are in Europe, with the continent boasting six of the top 10 trending destinations for UK travellers. However, we predict that lesser-known destinations will be in higher demand this year.

Travellers who would have once flocked to popular locations like the Amalfi Coast might now opt for Adriatic’s Rimini. And more quaint cities such as Vigo in Spain and Bydgoszcz in Poland are creeping into travel bucket lists for UK holidaymakers.

Skyscanner can help you find the best flights, hotels and car hire deal for your next trip.