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NFL Draft best players available 2024: Here are top prospects remaining for Rounds 4-7 | Sporting News United Kingdom

Offense was the name of the game on the first day of the 2024 NFL Draft. The second day saw more balance, but the chaos continued throughout the draft’s second and third rounds.

Twelve of the first 15 picks in the second round were traded as NFL teams fought tooth and nail to move up. Many selected potential first-round picks that slipped to the second, including the Eagles’ selection of cornerback Cooper DeJean at 40, while plenty of receivers and offensive tackles came off the board around them.

No quarterbacks went on Day 2 of the draft after six went in Round 1. Some believed South Carolina’s Spencer Rattler would be selected, but he will be among the top players available on Day 3 of the 2024 NFL Draft.

Rattler isn’t the only quality player yet to be selected. A couple of players that ranked within Sporting News’ top 50 players for the 2024 NFL Draft are are still available entering Round 4.

Who are the top players on the board as the draft’s final day begins? Here’s a look at the best 2024 NFL Draft prospects still looking for work after the first 100 picks of the event.

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NFL Draft prospects 2024: Best players still available for Day 3

The rankings below reflect the original positions on Sporting News’ top 257 big board. All analysis is from SN’s Vinnie Iyer.

33. Troy Franklin, WR, Oregon (6-2, 176 pounds)

Franklin has dazzled with his rare size-speed-quickness combination, and he projects to be a major open-field, big-play asset.

45. T.J. Tampa, CB, Iowa State (6-1, 189 pounds)

Tampa stands out with his natural big fame, and he uses all of his size and speed to his advantage in downfield coverage.

62. Jaden Hicks, S, Washington State (6-2, 211 pounds)

Hicks is a very active and instinctive upfield safety who is still improving as a coverage asset.

68. Javon Baker, WR, UCF (6-1, 202 pounds)

Baker is standing out more among the wideouts as a technically sound route-runner with good hands, giving him appeal as a reliable possession slot.

71. Khyree Jackson, CB, Oregon (6-4, 194 pounds)

Jackson has gotten more attention lately because of his ideal frame and still-developing coverage technique.

73. Dadrion Taylor-Demerson, S, Texas Tech (5-10, 197 pounds)

Taylor-Demerson is moving up boards quickly because he is smart and versatile enough to help a secondary in any capacity.

74. Ja’Tavion Sanders, TE, Texas (6-4, 245 pounds)

Sanders is another highly athletic receiver for the position who doesn’t drop off much from Brock Bowers’ skill set as a pass-catcher.

82. Spencer Rattler, QB, South Carolina (6-0, 211 pounds)

Rattler is resetting his intriguing draft status as a strong-armed, experienced passer, and his versatility gives him some rare developmental upside.

83. Kris Abrams-Draine, CB, Missouri (5-11, 179 pounds)

Abrams-Draine is getting attention because of his great fluidity and agility in coverage. He needs to play more contained so he makes more big plays than he gives up.

85. Jeremiah Trotter Jr. LB, Clemson (6-0, 228 pounds)

Trotter has some of his father’s skills in his ability to fly around and make plays with an upfield style to stuff the run and rush the passer.

88. Brandon Dorlus, EDGE, Oregon (6-3, 283 pounds)

Dorlus is a physically imposing all-around player who uses his suddenness and relentlessness well.

89. Johnny Wilson, WR, Florida State (6-6, 231 pounds)

Wilson is massive-framed prospect with dangerous big-play skills on intermediate and deep routes.

90. D.J. James, CB, Auburn (6-0, 175 pounds)

James is a speedy, agile, and naturally instinctive corner. He just needs some work on his coverage and tackling technique, including reining in his aggressiveness.

91. Devontez Walker, WR, North Carolina (6-2, 193 pounds)

Walker is a smart technician of a target who uses his size and speed well to stretch the field.

92. Braelon Allen, RB, Wisconsin (6-1, 235 pounds)

Allen is a freakish power runner with some unexpected juice, but it’s unclear if he can stay on the field for all three downs.

93. Austin Booker, EDGE, Kansas (6-5, 240 pounds)

Booker has the speed and athleticism to finish strong in his pursuit of quarterbacks and is also quick vs. the run.

96. Michael Pratt, QB, Tulane (6-2, 217 pounds)

Pratt is a strong pocket passer with a good enough arm to make most of the throws, but he’s a limited athlete.

97. Sedrick Van Pran-Granger, C, Georgia (6-4, 298 pounds)

Van Pran-Granger is an athletic and savvy anchor who’s relentless in run blocking. He needs to be more consistent to be trusted as a long-term starter.

98. Christian Mahogany, G, Boston College (6-3, 314 pounds)

Mahogany is an athletic attacking guard in the running game who has some untapped potential in inside pass protection.

99. Leonard Taylor III, DT, Miami (6-3, 303 pounds)

Taylor is NFL-worthy as a run-stopper, and he can tap more into his inside pass rush in the right scheme.

100. Jaylen Wright, RB, Tennessee (5-10, 210 pounds)

Wright is an explosive, quick back who has the speed to burst through holes. He also is a strong asset overall in the passing game.

101. Javon Solomon, EDGE, Troy (6-1, 246 pounds)

Solomon has some size and strength limitations, but he compensates with a quick first step and a variety of moves to get to the quarterback.

102. Christian Jones, OT, Texas (6-5, 305 pounds)

Jones is a smart, quick run blocker who can fill in well as a rotational backup until he improves his physical tools and becomes a consistent asset in pass protection.

103. Gabriel Murphy, EDGE, UCLA (6-2, 247 pounds)

Murphy has a good blend of power and quickness to be a well-rounded producer in a defensive line rotation.

104. Bucky Irving, RB, Oregon (5-9, 192 pounds)

Irving is the classic speed and quickness home run threat out of the backfield. He can be a highly dangerous change-of-pace.

106. Cade Stover, TE, Ohio State (6-4, 247 pounds)

Stover is a sturdy all-around tight end who is an off-the-charts blocker with his size. He needs to use some of that same physicality as a receiver, where he can become a better route-runner.

109. Jamari Thrash, WR, Louisville (6-0, 188 pounds)

Thrash is a nice downfield threat, and his quickness also gives him some big-play burst after the catch.

111. Hunter Nourzad, C, Penn State (6-3, 317 pounds)

Nourzad is a strong, powerful run blocker who has room to grow in pass protection.

112. Jacob Cowing, WR, Arizona (5-8, 168 pounds)

Cowing packs a lot of strength and tenacity into his frame and can be a big little playmaker with more consistency.


113. Will Shipley, RB, Clemson (5-11, 206 pounds)

Shipley can be a home-run hitter as a change-of-pace in the NFL working the perimeter, but he’s limited as a power back.

114. Tommy Eichenberg, LB, Ohio State (6-2, 233 pounds)

Eichenberger is a well-rounded linebacker who covers plenty of ground vs. the run and pass, but he could stand to improve quite a bit in both areas, especially the former.

115. Audric Estime, RB, Notre Dame (5-11, 221 pounds)

Estime is a strong, compact, no-nonsense power runner who bursts quickly through holes. He can be a nasty between-the-tackles asset in the NFL.

116. Theo Johnson, TE, Penn State (6-6, 259 pounds)

Johnson is a tough, quick receiver with good hands who needs to work most on his blocking and route-running.

117. Ray Davis, RB, Kentucky (5-8, 211 pounds)

Davis can be a good zone-blocking runner with a dash of burst and some valuable receiving skills.

119. Malik Mustapha, S, Wake Forest (5-10, 209 pounds)

Mustapha is a strong downhill cleanup safety with room to grow in coverage.

122. Brenden Rice, WR, USC (6-2, 208 pounds)

Brenden, the son of GOAT wide receiver Jerry Rice, is a dynamic athlete with great hands, burst, and quickness. He just needs to learn how to play better to his size.

123. Cam Hart, CB, Notre Dame (6-3, 202 pounds)

Hart is yet another big corner getting attention for how he uses his size and wingspan well in coverage, but he could be even better with plenty of technique work.

124. Cedric Gray, LB, North Carolina (6-1, 234 pounds)

Gray is a natural run-stopping force with some pass-rushing upside, and he still has room to grow in coverage.

128. Mason McCormick, G, South Dakota State (6-4, 309 pounds)

McCormick is getting more attention as a rawer prospect who can quickly develop as an inside blocker after wowing with strength and athleticism at the NFL Combine.

129. Josh Newton, CB, TCU (5-11, 190 pounds)

Newton is a nice-sized, quick zone corner who needs better technique to make big plays man-to-man.

130. Caelen Carson, CB, Wake Forest (6-0, 199 pounds)

Carson is a well-balanced, confident corner who can fit well in a lot of teams’ coverage schemes.

133. Mohamed Kamara, EDGE, Colorado State (6-1, 248 pounds)

Kamara is a strong, powerful pass rusher with some athletic upside when attacking quarterbacks.

134. Myles Harden, CB, South Dakota (5-11, 195)

Harden is a high-effort aggressive cover man who can provide good depth in any scheme.

135. Ainias Smith, WR, Texas A&M (5-9, 190 pounds)

Smith will be a good value pick for teams in need of a quick, tough slot.

137. Malik Washington, WR, Virginia (5-9, 191 pounds)

Washington can be a very productive short-area receiver in the mold of a young Jaylen Waddle.

140. Jaylinn Simpson, S, Auburn (6-0, 179 pounds)

Simpson can cover a lot of ground and different types of receivers thanks to a rare combination of size and speed.

141. Mekhi Wingo, DT, LSU (6-1, 295 pounds)

Wingo has intriguing inside pass-rush upside because of his quickness and relentlessness.

142. Dwight McGlothern, CB, Arkansas (6-2, 185 pounds)

McGlotchern is rising late as a big, versatile cover man. He flashes as a big playmaker but needs to be careful with how much he attacks his assignment.

143. Cornelius Johnson, WR, Michigan (6-3, 212 pounds)

Johnson is an enticing size-speed-strength receiving prospect with some big-play upside should he become more consistent with his routes.

144. Nehemiah Pritchett, CB, Auburn (6-0, 190 pounds)

Pritchett can contribute all over the field in all types of coverage with his unique quickness.

145. Beaux Limmer, C, Arkansas (6-5, 302 pounds)

Limmer is a strong, agile-enough blocker who has some sleeper starting upside.

146. Nelson Ceaser, DT, Houston (6-3, 254 pounds) 

Ceaser has a nice blend of power and quickness as a run-stopper.

147. Javon Foster, OT, Missouri (6-5, 309 pounds)

Foster is a powerful run blocker best suited to play on the right side as he improves his edge pass protection.

Marcus Rosemy-Jacksaint-Stetson Bennett-IV-110720-GETTY-FTR

148. Marcus Rosemy-Jacksaint, WR, Georgia (6-1, 195 pounds)

He’s a strong Bulldog of a good-hands receiver with great possession qualities, strength, and downfield blocking.

149. Kalen King, CB, Penn State (5-11, 191 pounds)

King can be dynamic making plays on the ball. He needs to get a lot more consistent in coverage.

150. Sione Vaki, S, Utah (5-11, 210 pounds)

Vaki is a terrific athlete for his position and can make big plays vs. the pass, both as a savvy cover man and speedy blitzer.

151. Beau Brade, S, Maryland (6-0, 203 pounds)

Brade is an intimidating, explosive clean-up man who needs to clean up his own game a bit in coverage to be more than a physical run supporter.

152. Jarvis Brownlee Jr., CB, Louisville (5-10, 194 pounds)

Brownlee has gotten more attention as a physical corner who can play bigger than his size.

153. Tanor Bortolini, C, Wisconsin (6-4, 303 pounds)

Bortolini is an athletic run blocker who gets the most out of his frame and can start with some key work on his technique.

154. Curtis Jacobs, LB, Penn State (6-1, 235 pounds)

Jacobs is getting a lot of attention for his ace coverage and blitzing skills, which makes him a key asset for any defense despite limitations vs. the run.

155. Jalen Coker, WR, Holy Cross (6-1, 208 pounds)

Coker has the frame, route-running and technical aspects to be productive if he can improve to match the challenges of tougher coverage in the NFL.

157. Javion Cohen, G, Miami (6-4, 324 pounds)

Cohen has rare athleticism for an interior blocker, which gives him a well-rounded game for run blocking and pass protection.

158. Dallin Holker, TE, Colorado State (6-3, 241 pounds)

Holker is more on the radar for his natural physical tools, which include athleticism and skilled pass catching, and he has room to grow with his routes and blocking.

159. Isaac Guerendo, RB, Louisville (6-0, 221 pounds)

160. Chau Smith-Wade, CB, Washington State (5-10, 184 pounds)

161. Eric Watts, DT, UConn (6-6, 274 pounds)

162. Jaylan Ford, LB, Texas (6-2, 240 pounds)

163. Bub Means, WR, Pittsburgh (6-1, 212 pounds)

164. Deantre Prince, CB, Ole Miss (6-0, 183 pounds)

166. Decamerion Richardson, CB, Mississippi State (6-2, 188 pounds)

167. Tory Taylor, P, Iowa (6-3, 229 pounds)

Tory Taylor 01012024

168. Justin Eboigbe, DT, Alabama (6-4, 297 pounds)

169. Drake Nugent, C, Michigan (6-1, 298 pounds)

170. Tyler Davis, DT, Clemson (6-2, 301 pounds)

171. Isaiah Davis, RB, South Dakota State (6-0, 218 pounds)

172. Tyrice Knight, LB, UTEP (6-0, 233 pounds)

173. Jaheim Bell, TE, Florida State (6-2, 241 pounds)

174. Xavier Thomas, EDGE, Clemson (6-2, 244 pounds)

175. Jordan Travis, QB, Florida State (6-1, 200 pounds)

176. Kitan Oladapo, S, Oregon State (6-2, 216 pounds)

177. Qwan’Tez Stiggers, CB, CFL (5-11, 203 pounds)

178. M.J. Devonshire, CB, Pittsburgh (5-11, 186 pounds)

179. Isaiah Williams, WR, Illinois (5-9, 182 pounds)

180. Sataoa Laumea, G, Utah (6-4, 319 pounds)

181. Khristian Boyd, DT, Northern Iowa (6-4, 317 pounds)

183. Jarius Monroe, CB, Tulane (5-8, 189 pounds)

184. James Williams, S, Miami (6-4, 231 pounds)

185. Jaden Crumedy, DT, Mississippi State (6-4, 301 pounds)

186. Dylan McMahon, G, NC State (6-3, 299 pounds)

187. Cedric Johnson, EDGE, Ole Miss (6-3, 260 pounds)

188. Kimani Vidal, RB, Troy (5-8, 213 pounds)

189. Michael Barrett, LB, Michigan (5-11, 233 pounds)

190. Jared Wiley, TE, TCU (6-6, 248 pounds)

191. Dylan Laube, RB, New Hampshire (5-10, 206 pounds)

192. Tahj Washington, WR, USC (5-10, 174 pounds)

193. Dominique Hampton, S, Washington (6-2, 215 pounds)

195. Walter Rouse, OT, Oklahoma (6-6, 313 pounds) 

196. Brennan Jackson, EDGE, Washington State (6-4, 264 pounds)

197. Johnny Dixon, CB, Penn State (5-11, 188 pounds)

198. Joe Milton III, QB, Tennessee (6-5, 235 pounds)

199. Erick All, TE, Iowa (6-4, 252 pounds)

200. Tyron Tracy Jr, RB, Purdue (5-11, 209 pounds)

201. J.D. Bertrand, LB, Notre Dame (6-0, 235 pounds)

202. Logan Lee, DT, Iowa (6-5, 281 pounds)

203. Dillon Johnson, RB, Washington (6-0, 217 pounds)

204. Myles Murphy, DT, North Carolina (6-4, 309 pounds)

205. A.J. Barner, TE, Michigan (6-6, 251 pounds)

206. Zion Nelson, OT, Miami (6-5, 316 pounds)

207. Edefuan Ulofoshio, LB, Washington (6-0, 236 pounds)

208. Nathan Thomas, OT, Louisiana (6-5, 332 pounds)

209. Blake Watson, RB, Memphis (5-9, 189 pounds)

210. Kamal Hadden, CB, Tennessee (6-1, 196 pounds)

211. X’Zauvea Gadlin, OT, Liberty (6-3, 322 pounds)

212. Matt Lee, C, Miami (6-4, 301 pounds)

213. Trey Taylor, S, Air Force (6-0, 210 pounds)

214. Gabe Hall, DT, Baylor (6-6, 291 pounds)

215. Rashad Wisdom, S, UTSA (5-9, 210 pounds)

216. KT Leveston, G, Kansas State (6-4, 326 pounds)

217. Ryan Flournoy, WR, Southeast Missouri State (6-1, 202 pounds)

218. Lideatrick Griffin, WR, Mississippi State (5-10, 181 pounds)

219. Garrett Greenfield, OT, South Dakota State (6-5, 311 pounds)

220. Daijahn Anthony, S, Ole Miss (6-0, 195 pounds)

221. Jaden Shirden, RB, Monmouth (5-8, 187 pounds)

222. Jordan Whittington, WR, Texas (6-1, 205 pounds)

223. Jowon Briggs, DT, Cincinnati (6-1, 297 pounds)

224. Evan Anderson, DT, Florida (6-3, 219 pounds)

225. Emani Bailey, RB, TCU (5-7, 202 pounds)

226. Kedon Slovis, QB, BYU (6-2, 223 pounds)

227. Daequan Hardy, CB, Penn State (5-9, 179 pounds)

228. Steele Chambers, LB, Ohio State (6-1, 226 pounds)

229. Anthony Gould, WR, Oregon State (5-8, 174 pounds)

230. Myles Cole, EDGE, Texas Tech (6-6, 278 pounds)

231. Gavin Hardison, QB, UTEP (6-3, 205 pounds)

232. Grayson Murphy, EDGE, UCLA (6-2, 251 pounds)

233. Rasheen Ali, RB, Marshall (5-11, 206 pounds)

234. Keith Randolph Jr., DT, Illinois (6-3, 296 pounds)

235. Carson Steele, RB, UCLA (6-0, 208 pounds)

236. Ethan Driskell, OT, Marshall (6-8, 313 pounds)

237. Jase McClellan, RB, Alabama (5-10, 223 pounds)

238. Javonte Jean-Baptiste, EDGE, Notre Dame (6-5, 239 pounds)

239. Caedan Wallace, OT, Penn State (6-5, 314 pounds)

240. Jordan Magee, LB, Temple (6-1, 228 pounds)

241. Cam Little, K, Arkansas (6-1, 170 pounds)

242. Trevor Keegan, G, Michigan (6-5, 310 pounds)

243. Jordan Jefferson, DT, LSU (6-3, 313 pounds)

244. Joshua Karty, K, Stanford (6-2, 207 pounds)

245. Will Reichard, K, Alabama (6-1, 187 pounds)

246. Peter Bowden, LS, Wisconsin (6-2, 238 pounds)

247. Jabari Small, RB, Tennessee (5-11, 213 pounds)

249. Tayvion Robinson, WR, Kentucky (5-10, 191 pounds)

250. Cody Schrader, RB, Missouri (5-8, 202 pounds)

251. Austin McNamara, P, Texas Tech (6-4, 210 pounds)

252. Frank Gore Jr., RB, Southern Miss (5-8, 201 pounds)

253. Harrison Mevis, K, Missouri (6-0, 241 pounds)

254. Michael Vinson, LS, Notre Dame (6-3, 230 pounds)

255. Ryan Rehkow, P, BYU (6-4, 235 pounds)

256. Matthew Hayball, P, Vanderbilt (6-1, 187 pounds)

257. William Mote, LS, Georgia (6-1, 236 pounds)