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‘Mega Dice’ Presale Raises $780,000 in Days: A Closer Look at This Crypto Casino

Mega Dice, an online gambling platform, launched a crypto presale for its native token DICE last month and has already raised over $780,000 in the first few weeks. Let’s try to find out what exactly Mega Dice is and why its presale is attracting decent interest, at least so far.

What is Mega Dice?

Mega Dice is an online gambling platform that offers both casino games and sports betting opportunities. It distinguishes itself as one of the world’s first Telegram casinos, allowing users to register anonymously with just an email address. 

The platform boasts a game library, comprising over 6,000 games, and supports a wide range of cryptocurrency tokens for transactions. Mega Dice operates under the Curacao Master Gaming License and is owned by MIBS B.V. Compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows devices, it ensures a versatile gaming experience across different platforms.

Source: Mega Dice/Telegram

One of Mega Dice’s standout features is its user-friendly interface, designed with larger icons and a versatile platform layout tailored for mobile users.

The platform embraces a No KYC approach, enabling players to participate anonymously, and is VPN friendly, making it accessible to users in countries where it is not officially available. Moreover, Mega Dice offers a 24-hour payout speed and a minimum deposit of $20.

With a large sportsbook covering both traditional and esports titles, Mega Dice provides a 200% matched deposit bonus. It supports multiple crypto games, slots, and live dealer games. As per their website, this platform currently has 50,000 players and $50 million in monthly wagering. 

Additionally, Mega Dice has planned a $2.25 million airdrop across three seasons ($750,000 in each season) early bird bonuses, limited edition NFTs, a referral program, and full integration of the token into the casino ecosystem for exclusive access, rewards, and benefits. 

The platform is backed by an experienced team with a strong reputation in the online gambling industry, and no major complaints or issues regarding fairness, payouts, or operations have been reported since its launch last 

Presale and Tokenomics

The presale opened with a price of $0.069 per DICE token and has already raised over $780,000. The presale soft cap minimum raise target is $5 million. DICE will serve as both a funding and payment token on Mega Dice’s platform.

Certain games will require the token to play, and it will also be available for staking. This dual utility might potentially contribute to the token’s presale success.

The total supply of DICE tokens is 420 million, with 35% allocated to the presale, 15% for airdrops, and 10% for staking rewards. Marketing (5%) and Affiliates (5%) are also part of the tokenomics.

Marketing Efforts

Mega Dice’s team has begun advertising its presale on multiple crypto media outlets such as crypto.news, Crypto Daily, Watcher Guru, and NewsBTC, and now on Readwrite, among others. 

This is a crucial step in raising awareness about the project and attracting potential investors and users to the platform. Effective marketing campaigns can play a big role in the success of a project, particularly in the highly competitive crypto casino space.

This marketing push is expected to continue in the upcoming weeks, with the team likely to explore additional avenues and platforms to promote Mega Dice and its presale.


Mega Dice’s presale launch and the strong initial fundraising suggests the project’s potential and the community’s interest in the platform’s offerings. With an experienced team, a robust online gambling platform, and a well-designed tokenomics model, Mega Dice might be potentially poised to make an impact in the crypto gambling space down the line in this bull cycle. 

That being said, the success of Mega Dice’s presale and the project’s long-term viability will depend on multiple factors, including the team’s ability to maintain this momentum, build on it, and deliver on their promises. As the presale progresses, it will be important to monitor its developments and assess its performance objectively.