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Ready to take a supersized goal across the finish line? This May, you could be more inspired than ever to recalibrate your professional path or blaze an exciting new trail. As the Sun moves through Taurus until May 20, your tenth house of ambitions and leadership heats up. You could be thinking of the legacy you want to create and the impact you hope to have on the world at large. As a Leo, you’re never too old or too young for this topic.

April was intense for everyone, with Mercury retrograde, a solar eclipse AND the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction on April 20. It was a month of unexpected events and plot twists, which is not necessarily a bad thing! Change can be healthy, but it does take a moment to adjust to. From all of that, you’re likely having big insights about your purpose and path—including the parts that are no longer a fit for you.

May is another turning-point month because lucky and expansive Jupiter is wrapping up a yearlong visit to Taurus and your career zone this May 25. (More on that in a bit.) That day, Jupiter will move into Gemini and your eleventh house of teamwork, helping you find exciting new collaborators who can bring your vision to life. Community will become a much stronger craving for you in the months ahead. Ah, now these are the kind of life shifts you can get excited about!

Soak up those last drops of Jupiter on May 7, when the annual Taurus new moon plants a seed of possibility in your professional sector. For best results, set clear, simplified priorities. Whether those are for your career or just a big bucket-list dream (running a 5K, owning a home, exhibiting your artwork), this lunar event opens a six-month portal of possibilities. 

At this new moon, reflect on your public image. An opportunity to raise your profile could crop up. Do you have a realistic sense of how other people see you? Be courageous and ask for constructive feedback. Sure, it’s nice to hear glowing praise. But you could gain priceless insight by listening to honest opinions. If you own a business or provide paid services, make sure you’re presenting your most polished image. If it’s time for an updated resume, headshots or sleek new branding, find a pro whose work you like and make the investment. 

Another thing to ponder this May: your relationships. Are you truly in sync with your closest people? Get ready to look under the hood of your partnerships between now and the fall. On May 2, investigative Pluto begins a five-month backspin, sparking an introspective journey until October 11. 

This year, Pluto will spend most of this retrograde in Aquarius and your relationship zone (until September 1), then it will back into Capricorn for its final visit in our lifetimes. On November 19, Pluto will return to Aquarius and stay for 20 years, making duos extra dynamic for Leos until 2044. Powerful collaborators, both romantic and professional, will be a big part of your success story. 

Have you chosen the right ones? As inspector Pluto deep-dives into Aquarius, you’ll observe your alliances with an eagle eye. What are your motives and intentions—and what are theirs? You may do major soul-searching around your interpersonal dynamics. 

If a bond is on shaky ground, Pluto retrograde could prompt you to take a big step back or return to the drawing board before making things official. For some partnerships, a trial separation or long-overdue split could be inevitable. If you’ve gotten a bit obsessive about a certain relationship, this cosmic cooldown period could help you break unhealthy attachment patterns.

Caution: Pluto rules the “shadow side” of human nature, and there will be a strong tendency to project blame onto others. People may behave in triggering ways that dredge up buried issues. Don’t take down the messenger, even as you enforce boundaries. If you keep asking, “Why does this always happen to me?” or “Why do I always attract this type of person?” Pluto is prompting you to look at your own patterns and blocks. 

Leo, if you can slow down, you’ll discover that there IS a way to dive in and explore possibilities without promising something you don’t want to deliver. After all, you’re going through your own process and may be unsure what YOU even want. In love and business especially, try before you buy. 

Now, back to your career, which is really the headline news of the month. On May 13, the Sun makes its once-a-year conjunction (meetup) with changemaker Uranus. This could bring a career curveball, like a relocation offer, or perhaps you boldly initiate a big change yourself. 

Progress-driven Uranus doesn’t tolerate stagnation, and when it blends with your ruler, the confident Sun, any obstacles to your dreams will feel intolerable. You might get an urge to make a quick exit from a stifling situation or radically alter your plans around a project. While it’s a mark of good leadership to be nimble, make sure you’re prepared for the chaos that can accompany a quick change of plans—and be ready to get Team Leo up to speed.

Is there a well-connected, influential person who can open a door for you? Reach out to them on May 18, when the Sun and abundant Jupiter make their once-a-year meetup. Nicknamed the Day of Miracles, this annual alignment is believed by some astrologers to be one of the most fortunate dates of the year. As the Sun and Jupiter unite in Taurus, you could break through a professional plateau. 

Bountiful Jupiter rewards you for taking a risk and swinging out of your comfort zone. Paired with the mighty Sun, your confidence and can-do attitude could bring stunning success or an opportunity you never imagined.

Since the tenth house rules men, a guy in your life could play a pivotal role. Your dad or a father figure could be a strong supportive force. Even if you’re afraid you’ll be judged or lectured, reach out for advice near the new moon and the Day of Miracles. Chances are good you’ll end up with sage guidance or a strengthened connection.

On May 20, the Sun swings into Gemini for a month, taking some of the heat off your professional life—and you—by activating your eleventh house of teamwork and technology. For the next four weeks, it’s less about what you DO and more about who you know. Instead of grinding into the wee hours or booking back-to-back Zooms, get out and meet people in person, preferably in a social setting. RSVP “yes” to parties and events that can help advance your cause. Casual conversation could spark synergies more than ever now. If you think there’s even a chance you could meet like-minded people, show up!

The spotlight summons a couple days later. On May 23, the year’s only Sagittarius full moon beams into your dramatic and passionate fifth house, making it impossible to hold back your feelings. Go ahead, wear your heart on your sleeve and put your many talents on display

Feeling a touch of spring fever? The full moon flooding into your amorous, glamorous fifth house could be a beautiful and culminating moment for romance. A budding attraction can blossom into a full-blown love affair, and couples might experience a romantic revival. Leos looking to grow a family could hear pregnancy or adoption news under these fertile fifth-house moonbeams. 

Lights, camera, Leo! Since the fifth house rules all forms of creativity, artists and performers could be recognized publicly for your gifts. But be warned: There IS such a thing as bad publicity. Temper your knee-jerk reactions and be careful not to get caught in any ego battles today. If you’re going to make a splash, let it be for something worth remembering, not an embarrassing or childish display of entitlement. With the full moon (loosely) opposing Venus and Jupiter, grandiosity and overconfidence could run rampant. An extra dose of humility will serve everyone now.

On May 25, expansive Jupiter wraps up a 12-month tour of Taurus that began on May 16, 2023. Jupiter changes zodiac signs every 12 to 13 months, and it’s that time again. As Jupiter departs Taurus and your career-focused tenth house, you can certainly admire your own hard-won growth. You’ve had a year of major development—on your professional path and with your goals overall. Now, you could feel clearer about your priorities, even ready to make a pivot or step into a leadership role. 

The tenth house also rules men and fathers, and with big-picture Jupiter here, your relationship with an important guy has evolved. Maybe you’re moved out of an imbalanced parent-child dynamic, stepping into your own authority and holding others to the same standard.. You may now find it easier to set clear boundaries and make smarter decisions that are less emotionally driven. It’s been a marathon more than a sprint—but an eye-opening one indeed.

Now things start to lighten up a little! From May 25, 2024, until June 9, 2025, Jupiter will visit Gemini and your eleventh house of group activity and technology. Exciting friendships and collaborations could dot your horizon, both in real time and virtually. The next 12 months are ripe for your social life, digital endeavors and playing well with others. Jupiter was last in Gemini from June 11, 2012, to June 26, 2013. Look back to that time for themes that could resurface.

With Jupiter in Gemini, teamwork really DOES make the dream work, so go forth and connect with like-minded people. Humanitarian and avant-garde pursuits may beckon. Your utopian visions could soon become a reality as you explore innovative ways of easing life’s burdens through community. 

A digital project could be your path to success. Is it time to explore what AI is really about or how to improve your tech skills? Jupiter rules higher education, so a return to school, perhaps virtually, could be part of this phase—either as a student or an instructor. You’ve got 12 months to explore, so there’s no real rush. Just stay open to new possibilities in this future-focused area. 

Lock it down or fly free? You’re pulled toward both freedom AND commitment by the love planets this month, and these dueling desires could get a little challenging to navigate.

With fiery Mars blazing through indie-spirited Aries and your no-limits ninth house all month (April 30 to June 9), you’ll be seeking excitement wherever you can find it. Regardless of whether you’re partnered or single, adventure will be the hottest aphrodisiac for you. Even if you’re not sure what you’re looking for, anything that’s not the same old same old is a good start. Sparks could fly with someone from another country or culture or a person you meet while traveling since Mars will be blazing through your global ninth house. 

But wait—where is this thing going? Until May 23, fellow lovebird Venus is flitting through Taurus and your responsible, future-focused tenth house. As much as Mars has you craving novelty, Venus is making stability seem kinda sweet and sexy. 

On the upside, this is a great transit for talking about shared future plans and maybe launching a side business together. You could be drawn to someone older or more established than you. Just watch the heavy-handed approach if you start talking about next steps. In disagreements, you might get stuck on being “right” or hammering home a point at the expense of getting along. Try to catch yourself in action and nip that behavior in the bud before you foster resentment. 

On May 23, in its final hours in Taurus, Venus will connect with optimistic Jupiter, one of the most positive moments for love of the year. Under the light of a Sagittarius full moon in your fifth house of passion, you could envision a sexy but stable future together that feels lit up with adventure.

Then, from May 23 to June 17, Venus will sweep through Gemini and your eleventh house of socializing and technology. You’ll be more lighthearted again, which will pair perfectly with Mars in Aries—but good luck to anyone who tries to pin you down or clip your wings! If you’re not attached at the hip, you’ll prefer to keep your interpersonal interactions on the light-and-breezy side and put off getting into anything too serious. Since this zone rules your digital life, this is a particularly good time for online dating. But focus on the fun and adventure of it, not the end game.

Dream big, Leo! Ambitious Mars is blazing through Aries  and your visionary ninth house all month, inspiring you to branch out of your comfort zone between now and June 9. Travel, study and entrepreneurship are hot zones for you, and you’ll leap at any chance to broaden your horizons. 

Meantime, lucky Jupiter is rounding out a yearlong visit to Taurus and your career sector on May 25. Take advantage of opportunities all month to boost your professional status. The Sun is here until May 20, uniting with Jupiter on May 18 for one of the luckiest career days of the year. The May 7 Taurus new moon could bring a job offer or a chance to begin a leadership role.

On May 25, Jupiter will move into Gemini and your eleventh house of teamwork and technology for the first time in more than a decade. The red-spotted planet will spark fruitful collaborations and bring colorful new characters into your world. After a hardworking year, your social life will become a vibrant scene, and you could join forces with fellow trailblazers and thought leaders. There’s opportunity in numbers, so combine your superpowers for a shared win.

Love Days: 23, 28

Money Days: 7, 15

Luck Days: 5, 14

Off Days: 11, 26, 30

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