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Harrogate named among UK’s best shopping destinations

Tuesday, 23 April 2024 10:03

Harrogate has been ranked 17th for shopping destinations in the UK.

Harrogate has been named among the UK’s top shopping destinations.

Harrogate has been included on a list of the 25 best places for shopping in the UK by Newmark Retails Vitality Rankings 2024.

The town has been ranked at number 17 – two places above York city centre in 19th place.

However Harrogate has dropped down two places from 2022, when it was ranked 15th.

Cambridge city centre took top spot whilst Cobham, Wimbledon Village and Sloane Street in London made up the top four.

The Vitality Rankings are created by Newmark’s Consultancy & Analytics team each year, using metrics that reflect the drivers of retail health at that time.

A spokesperson for Newmark said:

“During the pandemic’s lockdowns, these factors included very specific types of occupier that were able to trade (such as grocers, pharmacies and takeaways), vaccination rates, residents’ age, and Google’s mobility data that was monitoring consumer movement in residential, commercial and park areas.”

Read the full report from Newmark here.