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BF Group Launches Enhanced Platform for Sports Betting and Casino Operators

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Oddsgate was selected by Lisboa Unicorn Capital to participate in Collision, an internationally renowned event that will take place in Toronto, Canada, from June 17th to 20th. The primary purpose of this event is to bring together big names in technology and redefine the direction of this constantly growing industry.

Lisboa Unicorn Capital, an initiative led by the Lisbon City Council, stands as a driving force in the global landscape of entrepreneurship, innovation, and technology. Its latest endeavor empowers startups to engage with international events by providing support and resources. The program “From Lisbon to the World: Mission Global Events” exemplifies this commitment, offering startups a gateway to global opportunities.

Oddsgate, a standout in the local tech scene, was selected to represent the portuguese capital at this major international event.

The occasion will allow the iGaming company to showcase its team as exhibitors at Collision, fostering invaluable connections and insights in what has often been called “the Olympics of technology”.

Although this is a new experience for Oddsgate, which hasn’t had the chance to participate in this specific event in previous years, it won’t be the company’s first relationship with the country, as it already has established operations in the Canadian iGaming market.

Intending to evolve its operations more and more in the country, this participation represents a valuable chance to strengthen existing ties and expand the barriers of action of the Lisbon company, which already has a global presence.

Guilherme Graziani, Head of Business Development at LatAm, and Tomás Medley, Head of Account Management, are leading the charge, ensuring Oddsgate’s presence resonates powerfully at Collision.

This is a great achievement and a source of pride for the entire team, as highlighted by the co-founder, Mickael Shahinyan:

“Being selected for the event confirms our stance of always being attentive to the market, trends and opportunities to continue evolving. It also demonstrates our alignment with the rigorous standards and bold vision of Lisboa Unicorn Capital. We are very happy to be renowned for our unprecedented integrity of product, technology and service advancements cooped with regulatory compliance, giving our partners great advantage in their operational markets.”

Organized by the Web Summit Group, renowned for curating transformative tech gatherings worldwide, Collision promises to be a nexus of innovation and inspiration. That’s why Oddsgate foresees meaningful encounters, enriching exchanges, diversity of nationalities and cultures, and the identification of trends that will shape the market.

As Oddsgate embarks on this milestone journey, it not only elevates its own profile and allows it to acquire and share relevant knowledge but also underscores Lisbon’s burgeoning reputation as a dynamic hub for global tech innovation.