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Betr Picks Plans Multi-State Expansion ‘Ahead Of Upcoming NFL Season,’ CEO Says

Betr CEO Joey Levy was among the standout speakers at the Sports Betting, Gaming & Esports: A Deep Dive virtual event.

Levy shared the company’s innovative strategies in sports betting and media, emphasizing their focus on simplicity and engagement. He spoke on the achievements of Better Picks, a fantasy sports product that has quickly gained traction.

“Betr Picks is a skill-based fantasy sports product currently available in 24 states plus D.C. We plan on expanding that state footprint ahead of this upcoming NFL season,” Levy stated. Despite its recent launch, Betr Picks has already positioned itself among the top fantasy sports operators, competing with established names like Underdog and Prize Picks.

Dominating Media

Betr’s media approach sets it apart in the crowded sports betting market. Levy discussed the company’s effective use of social media to enhance brand awareness and customer acquisition.

“We’re generating dozens of original short-form videos daily that consistently go viral, resulting in unfair brand awareness and affinity,” he explained.

This strategy has made Betr a leading sports gaming brand on platforms like TikTok, surpassing traditional sports media companies in reach and engagement.

New Sportsbook Platform

Levy also revealed details about Betr’s forthcoming sportsbook platform, set to launch ahead of the 2024 NFL season. “The new sports betting platform will offer a simpler and more intuitive product experience,” he noted. By addressing common user frustrations, Betr aims to make sports betting more accessible and enjoyable for casual fans.

Strategic Expansion

Betr’s expansion plans include a methodical approach to entering new markets. The beta sportsbook product is live in Ohio and Virginia, with plans to expand to Indiana, Colorado, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. “We aim to get to profitability on a state-by-state basis, ensuring we cover operating expenses and market access costs before expanding further,” Levy emphasized. This careful strategy is designed to ensure sustainable growth and profitability.

Leveraging Celebrity Influence

Levy also highlighted the impact of co-founder Jake Paul, particularly with his upcoming boxing match against Mike Tyson. “Every step Jake takes to elevate his cultural relevancy is great for Betr,” Levy said. The company plans to capitalize on this event to boost marketing efforts and create engaging content, further enhancing Betr’s visibility.

Looking ahead, Betr plans to launch a casino platform, expanding its offerings in the gaming industry. “We’ll have a pretty diverse revenue mix across the three gaming verticals over the next few years,” Levy stated. With continuous innovation and strategic growth, Betr aims to solidify its sports betting and gaming market position.

Photo: Linkedin/Benzinga