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Best Sports Betting Apps That Don’t Require SSN in the USA

Sports betting has only grown in popularity. People from all over the globe are rushing to websites and mobile applications to enjoy placing a bet on everything from Australian rugby to college sports, eSports, and major leagues like the NBA, NFL, and NHL.

Best Sports Betting Apps Without SSN Requirements

There are many options for betting sites that don’t need SSN verification. We will offer the best three that we know have a strong reputation for excellence, variety of gameplay, and player safety.

#1 – BetOnline: Best Overall Sports Betting App Without SSN

The company behind BetOnline has been in operation since 2004. Based in Panama, this is a fantastic solution to answer the question of BetOnline SSN? With a streamlined appearance using modern theming and easy-to-navigate features, you get a wealth of bonuses, playable games, and a variety of gambling experiences.

The primary reason to consider betting sites that don’t request SSNs, like BetOnline, is because they have a long reputation for backing up their claims. Everything is catered to the user, and there are plenty of reviews and insights on social media highlighting the many benefits of using BetOnline as a sports book.


  • A lifetime bonus guarantee will be available for your user account.
  • Works great with any North American and US-based player.
  • Direct insights into first industry morning lines to set up your bets.
  • Bonuses are available for those looking just for sports betting.

Sportsbetting Bonuses & Money Management

There are two bonuses available from BetOnline that are worth your time. The first is a 50% Sports Welcome Bonus. With this option from our list of betting sites that don’t need SSN, you get up to $1,000 in matching funds after entering a code when you make your first minimum deposit of $55.

The maximum bonus per deposit tops out at $1,000, and you cannot use Skrill or Neteller. You’ll also have a 10x rollover requirement and a 30-day window to enjoy this fantastic bonus.

The other sports betting bonus that is worth your time is the 25% Sports Reload Bonus. Every single week, you’ll be able to leverage a 25% bonus for up to $250 on a minimum deposit of $100 by entering a code. The bonus is instantly credited in the form of free plays with a 6x rollover requirement.

Beyond these, you also get a general welcome bonus, crypto option, and poker-specific bonus for the general casino.

As for money management, BetOnline offers plenty of withdrawal and deposit systems. This includes a long list of cryptocurrencies for deposits or major credit/debit cards and bank transfers. Withdrawals are also digital currencies, as well as wire transfers, physical checks, or money orders. All of these are pretty fast in anywhere from 1-4 business days, depending on the specific choice.

About the Sportsbook:

Get ready for variety! As one of our betting apps that don’t need SSN, you’ll be able to enjoy NCAAF, NCAAB, soccer, tennis, horse, racing, Formula 1, and so much more. There are even odds on political debates and races that you can bet on with this international online platform.

The range of bets covers anything from $1 all the way up to $25,000. There are withdrawal limits, so if you do win a massive event, you may have to talk with customer support to finalize the method of payment.

You also get access to game prop bets, futures, overnight, and morning lines, and there is a fun little “Sportsbook 101” section to help you if this experience is new.

Security & Customer Service:

As one of the sports betting apps that don’t require SSNs for US players, BetOnline does a fantastic job of offering additional security. They are licensed by the Panama gaming authority and feature TLS website and mobile app encryption with optional two-factor authentication for added peace of mind.

Customer support is available 24/7 through a live chat feature. We were able to get responses to any email we sent in under 20 minutes, and there is a phone number for more complex needs. Of course, you always want to read the terms and conditions before starting out, but that level of support should cover all your questions.

Once you have explored the live betting options or various other casino games like blackjack and slots, be sure to sign up through the easy registration process. We added BetOnline to our list of betting apps that don’t request SSNs in part because they make it so easy to get started.

#2 – SportsBetting AG – No SSN Betting App with Highest Odds

Moving onto our second top option for gambling sites without SSN requirements, there is SportsBetting AG. This well-known gambling provider has a welcoming blue and white themed website and corresponding mobile application. Inside the website, you’ll find plenty of games, experiences, and leagues to wager anything you wish. SportsBetting AG is a sister site of BetOnline.

In addition to a fully licensed sportsbook from the Panama Gaming Commission, you get access to hundreds of progressive slots, live dealing games, and tournament-style events through table games. All in all, this is a well-rounded option, and that is why we like it in second place on our list of US betting sites that don’t require SSNs.


  • Immersive sportsbook with the leagues and events you want the most.
  • It accepts over 18 diverse cryptocurrencies, so you can play without having to deal with government oversight.
  • Some payout methods are available within under 48 hours if you want quick access to your winnings.
  • There are some free sports betting contests that occur from time to time to sweeten the pot.

Sportsbetting Bonuses & Money Management:

Similar to BetOnline, this option from our sports betting apps that don’t require SSN has two primary forms of bonuses you’ll want to explore when considering the sportsbook. The first is the Welcome Bonus that doubles up on Sportsbook Free Play options. You can get up to $500 on the first two deposits you make.

You’ll need to enter a code when you deposit at least $100 to qualify, and it maxes out at $500 per deposit. That means a total of $1,000 in Free Play cash available for simply signing up and depositing. The rollover requirement is a little higher at 14 times.

The second sports betting option you’ll want to examine is the 25% Sports Reload Bonus. Here, you will get up to $250 for any deposit that is over $100. You can only use this once per week, but it certainly helps you maximize your playing strategy. The week ends every Sunday at 11:59 pm (when the clock signals a new week on Monday morning).

Again, you’ll have to enter a code to take advantage of the offer, and everything is in the form of Free Plays for which you get a 30-day window to spend.

Banking on betting apps with out SSNs like SportsBetting AG is fantastic. You can use popular crypto like Dogecoin, Ethereum, BTC, as well as fiat forms like MasterCard, Visa, Discover, Money Orders, Cashier’s Checks, and more. Each has its own withdrawal and deposit maximum, with crypto being the most flexible. For withdrawals, you’ll want to leverage crypto, bank transfers, money orders, or physical checks.

About the Sportsbook:

The exciting thing about using the SportsBetting AG interface on your mobile device is how simple it is. Many betting sites without SSN requirements go for eye-catching designs or animations. With this platform, things are simple and straightforward, allowing you to focus more on your bets than fancy animations.

Live betting and enjoying your favorite games like tennis, soccer, auto racing, badminton, or football are easy to access. There are props and odds boosters available, as well as same-game parlays if you want more complex options. You can also select the game string within a 72-hour window from the dropdown menu if you have a hot ticket just around the corner.

We highly recommend you look at the various promotions running along the bottom of the sportsbook landing page. These change every week to maintain user interest and offer fantastic deals when you are feeling a little let down after a loss.

Security & Customer Service:

SportsBetting AG was established in 1999. That means this sports betting without SSN option has had plenty of years to perfect its security measures. Backed by the Panama Gaming Coming and using modern TLS and SSL encryption, you get all the security and peace of mind needed to enjoy the various league and individual action events happening.

If you’re worried about customer service, this is one of the most professional sports betting apps without SSN requirements. The team behind SportsBetting AG is well aware of its stellar reputation and carries that into every interaction through the 24/7 live chat and email support systems.

In addition to the exceptional sportsbook, you also have a well-thought-out live casino and digital slots with many options to enjoy. It is always welcome to work with betting sites without SSN that also have a vibrant casino side. It means they are very established and have a robust support system in place for your enjoyment.

#3 – BetUS: Fastest Paying No SSN Betting Site

Like the other sports betting apps that don’t require SSNs on our list, BetUS focuses more on the sportsbook side of things than the immersive online casino platform. While you certainly can enjoy a wealth of casino games, slots, table options, and super funny live dealers, the sportsbook is what sets BetUs apart from other sports betting sites without SSN.

While BetUS does use the same subtle layout and easy-to-navigate features as BetOnline and SportsBetting AG, they lean a little heavier into the various online promotions being offered. This is probably because the company behind the platform has reinvented itself a few times to maintain engagement and keep up with the competition.


  • Extremely competitive betting lines offer many props, lines, and complex options while you play.
  • Great mobile app and user interface that is easy to read on any sized device.
  • Extensive news and updates section for live and upcoming events for you to research.
  • A massive sign-on bonus is available for the sportsbook and virtual casino side of the platform.

Sportsbetting Bonuses & Money Management:

There are a whopping six different bonuses you can utilize through the sportsbook section of this platform. When considering betting without SSN verification, you have plenty of advantages to amp up your playing strategy.

The first bonus worth considering is the 125% Sign-Up Bonus for the sports book. This entitles you to 100% matching funds in sports and 25% matching funds for the casino. You have to make a minimum deposit of $100, and there is a 10x rollover on sports events. However, you can max this out to $2,500 for the sportsbook and $625 for the casino. Just be sure to use all the free plays within the 7-day window and enter the applicable code.

The other bonus worth exploring is the 200% Crypto Bonus on your first eligible deposit. Yes, there are cashback promotions available to the sportsbook, but you can get up to $3,750 in sports bonuses (with a 15x rollover) and $1,250 in the casino for investing in a bit of crypto. Again, you’ll have a limited window of 7 days, so you may want to schedule this online betting without SSN bonus during a tournament or big event.

If none of those are appealing, there are bonuses specific to the casino side of things, as well as a 50% Re-Up bonus whenever you dig into straight bets, 2-team/6-point mixed teasers, and 2-team/4-point teasers in basketball. As with any online sports betting without SSN option, always read the terms and conditions before investing in your specific playing strategy.

About the Sportsbook:

BetUS is an easy addition to our sports betting apps that don’t require SSN because it is constantly upgrading and adapting to new player demands. This platform only wants to work with North American (specifically US-based) players to get the most return. You can enjoy everything from horse racing to ice hockey, golf, martial arts, boxing, and the modern Olympic games.

The propositions and futures side of things on BetUS are pretty extensive. Unlike BetOnline SSN systems, there is a little more here to play around with when you’re trying to nail down a complex bet or idea.

If you can, start by exploring the exclusive deals along the right side of your browser and near the bottom of a mobile app. As an online casino without SSN verification, BetUS does an excellent job of offering unique prop bets and engaging contests you won’t find on many other platforms.

All of the sports can be filtered through the dropdown menu, and the mobile app is incredibly easy to use. However, you don’t need to download separate software like other betting sites that don’t need SSN. Everything is built using HTML5, meaning you can just click on a link and register instead of messing with endless apps.

Security & Customer Service:

Founded in 1994, BetUS is based in Costa Rica and has over 25 years of experience operating under a Curacao Gaming License. There are plenty of additional support systems and TLS encryption methods to ensure you can explore, bet, game, and withdrawal without fearing identity risk or some other fraudulent activity.

Included in your membership to BetUS is a 24/7 live chat option with English-speaking professionals or email support if you have more long-form questions. The company website has a comprehensive terms and conditions page that stands out from other betting sites that don’t request SSN verification.

As a final note, we highly recommend you pay close attention to the MMA and martial arts betting lines. BetUS loves US-based players and works hard to ensure all fights are well covered so you can get the most out of your potential playing strategy and deposits.

With all that growing demand, getting verified so you can place a bet has become much more accessible through sports betting apps that don’t require SSNs. These are reputable websites offering a comprehensive mobile experience that doesn’t need to pry into your private information just so you can bet on the Super Bowl or Olympic games.

The increase in sports betting without SSN apps is probably due in part to the rise of cryptocurrencies. Every day, gamers and players love the increased anonymity of digital currency, allowing them to get around government restrictions. The freedom to play whatever you want, wherever you happen to be, is a wonderful experience.

As part of our research into the best betting apps without SSN requirements, we’ve put together a quick guide and the top three platforms we know will result in fantastic playability. Let’s get into how you can transform your betting strategy by signing up for any of the sports betting apps without SSNs today!

Why are Betting Sites Without SSN Requirements Happening?

At their core, any sports betting apps that don’t require SSN are simply gambling platforms allowing potential players to enjoy all the various games, activities, and contents without having to register a Social Security Number. That is the number issued to newborns after the US government receives a verifiable birth certificate. It is used for everything from generating a credit report to filling out a W2 with an employer.

In the online casino and sports betting world, the SSN is used for added verification, but it often rubs players the wrong way. Using any sports betting sites without SSN offers:

  • Enhanced Privacy: Instead of risking your identity or having to single out who you are with a massive gambling platform, you get to enjoy the privacy expected from any other iteration while minimizing the risk of fraud.
  • Alternative Verifications: When a gambling site cannot use SSN, they must rely on other, easier-to-manage verification systems. This can include asking for a driver’s license, maybe a passport, or a recent utility bill that proves your address.
  • Diverse Payment Systems: Payment providers that require some form of SSN are left out in the cold while you enjoy modern, discrete, and secure systems – including cryptocurrencies and some debit/prepaid cards.
  • Reliable Security: Many sports betting sites without SSN turn to enhanced security measures to offer players peace of mind. These tend to be above and beyond others that do require SSNs, giving you far better protection as you play.
  • Improved Customer Service: To make sure all players feel comfortable, betting without SSN sites will increase customer support to answer any questions or concerns faster than the competition.

When all is said and done, you have a far more user-friendly gambling platform because of online betting without SSN. These platforms are more than aware you may be a little weary, so they go out of their way to increase security, protection, and transparency – all of which benefit you as a player.

Okay, now that you’ve got the basics down about sports betting apps that don’t require SSN, let’s get into the top online casinos and sports betting platforms you should try right now.

Do You Have to Use Betting Apps That Don’t Need SSN?

As a US-based gambling player, you are welcome to use any worthwhile website or mobile app you wish. The reason people tend to enjoy sports betting apps that don’t require SSN is they have a more comprehensive range of protections and features to ensure you get complete peace of mind while you play.

Yes, you can play without the SSN, but it’s up to you whether that exposure is worth it for the platform you have chosen. If nothing else, it is undoubtedly worthwhile to test out any of the betting apps that don’t request SSN on our list if you want to scratch that curiosity itch.

Pros of Gambling Sites Without SSN Verification:

  • Advanced Privacy: Without risking exposure to your SSN, you don’t have to think some fraudster has stolen your identity and is now purchasing endless stuffed animals on an e-commerce site in India.
  • Streamlined Registration: The SSN verification process is time-consuming. When you sign up for US betting sites that don’t require SSN, you can get to your gaming a lot faster than on other options.
  • Worldwide Appeal: Even though most of the sports betting apps that don’t require SSN love US players, they also attract international gamblers hoping to explore Western-styled games and contests.

Cons of Sports Betting Without SSN:

  • Limited Options: Unfortunately, it can be a little harder to find a reputable betting apps without SSN option, as they are fewer and far between. That is why we’ve done the work for you in this online review.
  • Varying Regulations: Without the SSN requirement, you can run into some complex verification systems due to different rules, regulations, and local licensing agreements. Always read the terms and conditions to better understand these rules before you make a deposit.
  • Trust: When you don’t have to use your SSN, you may feel more exposed. The reality is that betting sites without SSN verification tend to be even stronger regarding online security.

There is always a concern about security and privacy when it comes to betting on anything through an online portal. Take your time to explore all the options and listen to the advice of professional users like our team. That is how you’ll uncover the best sports betting apps that don’t require SSN, like in our list.

What About Crypto on Sports Betting Sites Without SSN?

Cryptocurrencies are used for pretty much every transaction nowadays. You can purchase your favorite cup of coffee during your morning commute or register for an upcoming wedding with big-name suppliers through crypto options.

That same purchasing power has expanded into betting without SSN platforms like BetOnline, BetUS, and SportsBetting AG. Using crypto for online betting without SSN offers plenty of benefits to the average user, including:

  • Greater Privacy Protection: An enormous appeal of any cryptocurrency for any transaction is enhanced anonymity. Yes, there certainly are some criminal elements that leverage cryptocurrency, but that doesn’t mean the system is flawed. It just means operating outside of government oversight has plenty of advantages.
  • Security: Cryptocurrencies are managed through advanced algorithms using Blockchain technology powered by AI (artificial intelligence), ML (machine learning), and coin mining units owned by everyday users. That protects your transactions from hackers or fraudsters.
  • Lightning-Fast Transactions: All online sports betting sites without SSN sites listed in this article leverage cryptocurrency because it is reliable and fast. You don’t have to wait 5-10 business days for a physical check when 1-2 business days are all it takes to verify a BTC or ETH exchange.
  • Cost-Effective: Crypto doesn’t include the massive banking fees of traditional (fiat) currency. Everything is based on the specific currency you use, saving you and the casino or sportsbook time and money.
  • International Access: By definition, cryptocurrency is not tied down to a specific location. It is a “decentralized” asset, meaning you can access your eWallet or crypto account from anywhere in the globe.

The only exception to that last benefit is cryptocurrencies set up by specific governments. Those may be harder to use with sports betting apps that don’t require SSN verification. However, we did see options like USD Coin on BetOnline and BetUS, so maybe there is a new workaround for those currencies.

As for which cryptocurrency you should use when exploring online casinos without SSN requirements, it’s really up to you. Some of the more popular ones include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Dogecoin. Each one carries a symbol, kind of like the stock exchange. For example, Bitcoin is sometimes known as BTC, or Ethereum may be referenced as ETH. Over time, you’ll get the general gist.

The point is that using cryptocurrencies for betting sites that don’t need SSN helps to avoid government overreach, maintain your privacy, and get faster access to your various winnings.

As you explore which betting sites that don’t request SSN to sign up with, be sure to keep an eye out for specific bonuses and promotions related to digital currency. These can sometimes be a lot more valuable than traditional currency welcome bonus packages.

How to use Betting Apps That Don’t Need SSNs

The more you look online for various sports betting apps that don’t require SSN verification, the harder it may be to figure out how to sign up and use the features. The exceptions on our list of betting apps that don’t request SSN is that they have already solved these problems with extremely streamlined and easy-to-use registration systems.

That being said, it helps to have a little insight into what you should do while looking around at other options – just in case.

Research First

Start your gambling sites without SSN journey by doing your research. The fact that you’ve landed on this article alone says you are already a step in the right direction. You want to spend your hard-earned cash on platforms that value your time, ensure your security, and give you plenty of sportsbook options with various betting models so you can win.

While you’re researching, be sure to look at popular forums and social media influences. They should provide the highly coveted user-generated reviews and insights that will give you social proof that the US betting sites that don’t require SSN are legitimate and worth your time.

No matter what, never register for a site that sends up even the slightest red flag. You don’t want to unnecessarily risk your safety and security.

Compare & Contrast

Once you’ve whittled down the list of sports betting apps that don’t require SSN to a small few, start to look at the various features they provide, privacy measures that ensure your peace of mind, and betting options for your sportsbook experience.

You want odds in your favor and bonuses that allow you to maximize the potential winnings of your deposits. The different sports betting without SSN sites you visit should include a wide range of banking options like cryptocurrencies, fiat payments, and anything else that works with your accounting preferences.

Finally, be sure the platform is mobile responsive and has the vetted security measures you need for rewarding betting apps without SSN experience.

Match Your Preferences

Next in our list of suggestions for sports betting apps without SSN verification, match up the platform you are exploring with the unique needs and desires of your personal playing. If you prefer a highly immersive website with animations and theming, then that is what you should choose.

If you prefer betting sites without SSN that appeal to seasonal bonuses and have a massive online presence, choose them. The point is to pick the website, app, or platform that works best with your lifestyle and preferences so you can get the most out of every gaming opportunity.

Register Your Account

At this point, you should have one or two sports betting apps that don’t require SSN to choose from. You should go through the registration process for both of your top picks and enter the alternative verification documents they may require.

Keep your ID, passport, or utility bill handy. The odds are that you’ll be asked to verify your email address and then scan an ID instead of providing your SSN to create your account. In some rare cases, you may need to verify your bank account info as well (unless you are working with crypto)

Deposit Funds

When your sports betting sites without SSN platforms have accepted your registration, you’ll be able to deposit some funds through the payment pathway of your choosing. Be sure you embrace the various bonuses and promotions before you click that “deposit now” button. You don’t want to leave money on the table.

Explore Bets

All the various online betting without SSN sites we’ve provided, like BetOnline, SportsBetting AG, and BetUS, have a wide range of lines, odds, bet types, props, and other options inside of the live and upcoming sporting events. You may want to watch a few videos or read up on recent developments in the online betting world before you develop a personal strategy to leverage these platforms.

Make a Bet

The process for making a bet should be relatively straightforward on the betting without SSN platform you select. In most cases, this will involve choosing the sport or event that you wish to bet on. Next, you’ll set your stake (the amount you want to wager) based on the odds. Finally, you’ll need to confirm your bet before it is processed.

Be sure to hang onto any email notifications just in case something gets a little confused during the transmission process. For example, if you live in an area with a lot of winter storms and you lose power midway through a bet.

Track Results

Every online sports betting without SSN platform should have a way to track your bet, game, event, or sport. That is one of the fundamental marks of a worthwhile website or mobile application. Keeping an eye on your results helps you decide if you want to make changes or if you have a different bet you wish to place in the future based on previous winnings/losses.

Withdrawal Winnings

The final step in using any sports betting apps that don’t require SSN is to withdraw your various winnings. Every platform has different rules about the maximum you can withdraw at any time and the type of payment method you wish to utilize.

Give yourself at least 2-3 days if you are choosing a credit or debit card. If you decide to leverage cryptocurrencies for your online casino without SSN verification, it could be as quick as the same day or as long as a couple of days for additional processing. The longest payment form is going to be physical checks or bank transfers.

Also, be sure to read up on the terms and conditions in case there are additional fees. These are likely based on a percentage of the transaction, like 5-9% of the total amount you are withdrawing. If you do go over the maximum amounts with betting sites that don’t need SSN, you’ll have to contact that platform’s customer service. This is a security measure they have in place to maintain their international licensing.


Are there premium-quality betting sites that don’t request SSN verification?

Yes! We have listed three of our favorite betting apps that don’t need SSN, including BetOnline, SportsBetting AG, and BetUs. Each one of these won’t require you to enter an SSN.

What about working with horse racing?

Some casinos may require an SSN in horse racing because of location-based rules. A lot of countries and regions do not allow horse racing, and those casinos have to work within those regulations. That is why international options tend to be the best.

Is it safe to use sports betting apps that don’t require SSN?

Every gambling website has a modicum of risk. How much you wish to risk is entirely up to you. As for general safety and security, you can trust well-known sites and platforms like those on our list because of their rich histories and proven longevity within the gambling industry.

Do betting apps that don’t request SSN limit your winnings?

Like most other platforms, you will experience maximum withdrawal amounts. These will fall into time categories like daily, weekly, and monthly limits and will be based on the various payment methods you choose to accept your winnings (Bitcoin, credit cards, checks, etc.).

Wrapping Up

The more you explore various gambling sites without SSN verification, the better you’ll find new and exciting platforms for enjoying sportsbooks, casinos, and gambling sites. Start your journey by testing out the suggestions we’ve featured on our list, and you’ll quickly see how much fun and potential winnings you can bring home.

US betting sites that don’t require SSN are just as safe and rewarding as any other gambling experience. In many cases, these are even more secure because the casino is well aware they have to go above and beyond to secure the trust and loyalty of new players.

Take your time, enjoy your experience, and be sure to leverage any and all promotions these sports betting sites that don’t require SSN have to offer. Good luck, and happy playing!


Disclaimer: The article is provided for educational purposes only. It does not represent the opinions of NewsBTC on whether to buy, sell or hold any investments and naturally investing carries risks. You are advised to conduct your own research before making any investment decisions. Use information provided on this website entirely at your own risk.