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Your help for our back of shirt sponsors – complete the survey

Our valued sponsors Qualco UK are requesting your help to complete a survey for research purposes on the financial well-being of the local community.

We fully understand that such information may be sensitive for supporters, but the survey is anonymous, and the feedback will be used by our commercial partners as part of its services to help those in need during the cost of living crisis.

Qualco UK has earned a fine reputation within its industry for providing technology solutions across multiple sectors, including financial services, utilities, telcos, retail and the Government.

So we’re proud to be associated with this renowned company in the financial sector – and your support to complete the survey will be very much appreciated.

Complete the Survey

Win a signed shirt

Don’t miss out on the chance to win a prize that you’ll treasure for years to come – a Dons shirt signed by all of our first-team players.

To be eligible, you’ll need to complete the survey and enter your e-mail at the end of it. Winners of the signed shirt will be selected at random from successful survey submissions.

More on Qualco and the launch of Togglit

Qualco UK’s data and analytics platform is employed by many of the UK’s leading banks, energy providers, mobile phone firms and home shopping brands. The platform helps these organisations analyse their customer data – specifically those who are behind on their repayments – and recommends the best and fairest way to help the customer repay their debt.

Qualco recently launched a pioneering customer-facing platform called Togglit. Its aim is to help people in debt take control of their repayments and regain financial health. It enables users to pay back what they can to the companies they owe money to at a time when they can afford to do so – and all from one place. It is a secure service, and it is regulated by the FCA.

In setting up a Togglit account and entering a payment plan, customers avoid their debts being passed to multiple debt collection agencies. Often customers have many accounts in arrears, and each one could be passed to a different agency, resulting in many communications from multiple companies – therefore causing more stress and anxiety.

Money worries and poor mental health are often linked, and Togglit’s aim is to help as many people as possible take control of their debt and reduce the stress it can bring.

For more on Qualco and the services they provide, access their website by clicking on the link below.

Qualco UK