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What Is A Scorigami In The NFL Super Bowl?

When it comes to professional sports, the NFL is like no other. Teams play one game a week. The point of the sport is to generate contact, not avoid it. And then there’s the scoring.

There are scoring plays of one point (extra points), two points (safety), three points (field goal) and six points (touchdown). Most scoring possessions result in three or seven points, so you see many of the same scores week-to-week.

Skim through any week’s box scores and you’re bound to find several games that finished 20-17 or 27-24 — the two most common scores in NFL history.

But sometimes, there’s just enough weirdness (and offense) to generate a score that’s never been seen before, something called a scorigami.

The term scorigami, created by SB Nation’s Jon Bois in 2014, refers to any football game that ends in a score that hasn’t happened before.

In the time since Bois invented the phrase, he’s created nflscorigami.com, which is the premier source for information regarding scorigamis.

On the site, Bois tracks every score in NFL history in a sortable chart, allowing for anyone to figure out whether a score has occurred before.

In the chart, the x-axis has the score of the winning team, while the y-axis has the score of the losing team.

From there, users can click on any green cell in the chart (a score that’s happened before) to see how often such a score has occurred and the first and last occurrence of the score.

Any cell that’s left white means that such a score has never occurred and would be a scorigami if/when it happens.

Here’s a look at the scorigami’s history.