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We need more women small business owners

We’re pleased that the government has gone some way to address concerns around childcare by increasing the support available for some families. The expansion of free childcare for children under five will give some parents greater flexibility to work on their business after having children.

But a staged approach to introduction means many will have to wait until September 2025 to benefit. Given the challenges small business owners are facing, and in particular women business owners, many won’t be able to afford to keep their businesses open – and the impact of this will be felt not just by our nation’s entrepreneurs but the economy as a whole.

We all have a part to play in driving positive change

I’m proud to work for a business where women make up 66 per cent of the leadership team. In the team, we’ve eradicated common microaggressions like women being ignored. At the same time, our business has enjoyed continued revenue and profit growth and significant customer and employee satisfaction.

But I realise that Simply Business is sadly still a minority. And while our research showed that 92 per cent of women business owners think the government needs to do more to support them, we understand we all have a part to play in driving positive change.

That’s why at Simply Business we’ve re-launched our Empowering Women in Business initiative to highlight the challenges and break down the barriers women entrepreneurs face every day.

By partnering with Baroness Karren Brady CBE – Simply Business’s new Small Business Ambassador – we’re looking to influence change and support small businesses across the UK.

Small businesses are so crucial to the UK’s economy and communities, and we’re also hoping to inspire countless creative, resourceful women entrepreneurs across the country to follow their business dreams.

An exclusive mentoring opportunity

Nearly half (46 per cent) of women business owners said support and encouragement from a business mentor or coach would help them take their business to the next level.

So we’re delighted to offer one woman business owner the opportunity to receive an exclusive, one-on-one mentoring session with Baroness Brady CBE, as well as granting many others the opportunity to join an exclusive webinar with her.

Entries are now open for your chance to win a mentorship with Baroness Karren Brady CBE.** We’ll be announcing the winner in April. Good luck!

Bea Montoya

Bea Montoya is Chief Operating Officer at Simply Business and is an expert in creating customer-centric marketing efforts, and products and services. She’s proud to be able to work closely with our Marketing, Product and Operations teams to build insurance products that really work for business owners and landlords.

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