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UK seaside village has ‘hidden’ sandy beach with no crowds and pods of dolphins

Nestled in the village of Skinningrove in North Yorkshire, Cattersty Sands stands out as one of the region’s most secluded and largest sandy beaches.

Cherished by those in the know for its lack of large crowds, its sweeping shores offer a tranquil escape from the bustle of everyday life.

Cattersty Sands offers an ideal setting to catch sight of dolphins and take in the rugged beauty of Britain’s coastline.

Situated along the renowned Cleveland Way, a picturesque 109-mile walking route traversing some of North Yorkshire’s most breathtaking countryside, Cattersty Sands beach holds a special allure.

Its notable draw lies in the frequent visits from pods of bottlenose dolphins, a sight not commonly associated with these colder waters but a fun surprise for visitors to Skinningrove.

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Whitby Whale Watching, a local organisation, monitors the whereabouts of these majestic animals and recently reported a sighting of three dolphins just off the shores of Cattersty Sands.

Ericknows, a dedicated website showcasing accessible days out in the North East of England, explained what makes Cattersty Sands beach truly exceptional.

It said: “Backed by a rugged line of grassy cliffs, the wild beach of Cattersty Sands (also known as Skinningrove Beach) is a well-hidden gem found along the North Yorkshire coastline. At this tranquil beach, a good book and flask would not go amiss!

“This gently shelving beach is largely empty all year round. Making it the perfect spot to unwind and get away from it all.

“With so many sandy shores and so few visitors, you can freely enjoy yourself without interruption. The white sand is very clean and is wonderful to picnic on, with splendid views out over the sea and a rocky 17th century pier.”

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A distinctive characteristic of Cattersty Sands beach is its lack of nearby shops and limited facilities, aside from a complimentary car park.

While this might deter some, it contributes to the beach’s unique appeal, offering a rare sense of isolation and wilderness that is often absent from the typical English coastline.

One Tripadvisor reviewer reflected on this attribute, saying: “No cafes, no deckchairs to hire, no seaside novelty kiosk……..just utter sheer natural bliss! We come down to this wonderful beach most days, walk our dogs, and take in the magical scenery.

“It has to be in the top ten most underrated beaches in Britain. Please don’t visit it, as we still want this fabulous beach to ourselves!”