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Transits In Astrology Can Change Your Whole Vibe. Here’s How – Glam

Jupiter is often referred to by astrologists as the planet of abundance, optimism, and good fortune. When it’s transiting, however, it can become a bit overwhelming — think overconfidence and the potential to make some not-so-great decisions. However, underlying issues in our lives may also rise to the surface when it’s transiting, giving us an opportunity to tackle them head-on.

When Saturn is transiting, we may feel pushed to our limits, but try not to think of this in a negative light. Saturn is the planet of responsibility and structure, and it can remind us to reassess the boundaries we have in our lives. This planet isn’t meant to limit us, but rather encourage us to exercise discipline when needed. At the least, we may feel more inclined to hold ourselves more accountable.

Uranus — the planet of unpredictability and rebellion — can even make some astrologers anxious when it’s transiting. However, it may give you an opportunity to go off the beaten path in your life to pursue new interests. When Neptune is transiting — the planet of dreams, intuition, and mysticism — the situation can play out much differently. Instead of actually pursuing interests, for example, we may yearn for escapism. In daily life, this can result in a lack of focus.

Pluto is associated with transformation and evolution in astrology. When it’s on the move, you can expect major (and sometimes disruptive) life changes, but they usually occur over an extended period of time.