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Top 100 awards celebrate the best in small business 

The EB100 was established in 2022 to provide a comprehensive ranking of the top 100 SMEs in the UK. The awards cover a range of industries, including technology, media, finance, healthcare, and more. This year, the event was judged by a panel of 50 industry experts, including Piers Linney from BBC’s Dragon’s Den, Flavilla Fongang, a serial entrepreneur, and Charlie Mullins OBE, Founder of Pimlico Plumbers. 

The awards ceremony was attended by a diverse group of business professionals, entrepreneurs, and executives, who took the opportunity to exchange stories, network, and find out more about each other’s roles. The event provided an excellent opportunity to recognise outstanding customer service, performance, diversity, sustainability, innovation, and leadership. 

The EB100 awards celebrate success across a range of categories. This year’s winners included:  

EB100 Highest New Entry of the Year Award 2024: Myenergi 

Howden EB100 Rising Star of the Year Award 2024: DDC Solutions 

TikTok EB100 Exceptional Performance of the Year Award 2024: de Novo Solutions 

British Business Bank EB100 Start-Up of the Year Award 2024: UMATR 

Cisco EB100 Innovation of the Year Award 2024: Dr.PAWPAW 

AdSmart from Sky EB100 Diversity & Inclusion of the Year Award 2024: People Puzzles 

City of London EB100 Sustainability of the Year Award 2024: The Somerset Toiletry Co. 

Elite Business SME of the Year Award 2024: Cotswold Fayre 

EB100 SME Businesses No.1 Winner 2024: Vivup 

Vivup — who ranked number one this year — received an AdSmart campaign worth £25,000, plus a hospitality package from Club Wembley, the official EB100 sponsor. 

Vivup CEO Simon Moyle said of the win: “It’s absolutely incredible, when I started the business five years ago with 17 people there’s no way we could have possibly imagined we would be standing here as the winners”. 

“We’re beyond happy to celebrate these exceptional SMEs and exceptional people. Their hard work, dedication and perseverance drive innovation and economic growth. You can’t undervalue the contribution they make, and I’m just proud that the EB100 is here to applaud their work.” — Scott English, Founder of EB100 

The Elite Business Top 100 Awards event in 2024 set a new benchmark for success.  

The definitive list of the 2024 EB100 ranking can be found here: https://elitebusinessmagazine.co.uk/eb100-winners