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Timo McGuire Prepares for “Hardest Fight” to Date at Unity Fighting Championship

As Unity Fighting Championship draws near on February 17th at the Dolphin Centre in Darlington, Timo McGuire finds himself adapting to changes in preparation due to a shift in opponents. In an exclusive interview, McGuire shares insights into his mindset, analysis of his opponent Joseph Kenworthy, and reflections on his amateur career thus far.

Adapting to a change in opponents is not uncommon in regional fighting circuits, and McGuire remains undeterred: “The only changes I think it will make to the fight is that I imagine there will be a lot more grappling exchanges, and it’s now a 5 round fight,” McGuire reflects on the adjustments necessitated by the opponent switch.

Timo McGuire on Unity FC Clash

Assessing Joseph Kenworthy’s skill set, McGuire acknowledges his opponent’s strengths: “I have watched some of his fights and can tell he’s got a good all-round game and is a strong grappler. He also can take damage so it will be tough to break him down,” McGuire comments on the challenges posed by Kenworthy’s style.

As McGuire gears up for what could be his toughest test yet, he remains pragmatic about the matchup: “I have had some tough fights already as an amateur, but I would say, on paper, this is my hardest fight going up against someone who is 3-0,” McGuire admits, recognizing the significance of the upcoming bout in his amateur career.

Reflecting on recent results, McGuire maintains a positive outlook despite setbacks: “I did lose my last fight, unfortunately, but it was against a high-level opponent and was a war,” McGuire reflects on his recent performances: “I’m not letting that affect me, as I would much rather have tough fights that put me in deep water.”

As McGuire prepares to step into the cage once again, he remains focused on growth and improvement. With a resilient mindset and a determination to overcome challenges, McGuire stands ready to showcase his skills and determination on fight night. Stay tuned from Darlington.