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The state of online gambling in the UK: March 2023 update – Essex-TV

15 Mar The state of online gambling in the UK: March 2023 update

Whether you live in Essex or any other part of the UK, staying entertained is crucial. Finding fun things to do in your spare time helps you relax after a busy day and can also help you learn new things or pick up new skills. Having plenty of exciting things to do when free is also great for making you feel better and preventing boredom.

While checking out the latest films or watching the latest TV hits are popular choices, online gambling has taken off around the country in recent years. This leaves the UK with a vibrant online gambling sector and one which is highly regarded globally. 

But what is the state of the UK online gambling market as of March 2023? 

Lots of top UK casinos to game at 

One thing which really stands out about Great Britain’s iGaming scene currently is the number of top UK casino sites to game at in March 2023. It is true to say that new internet casinos open up almost every week for UK players to try and this has been the case for the first months of 2023. As we look ahead to what might occur during the rest of the year, we can certainly see this pattern of new iGaming platforms becoming available continuing. 

These new platforms have not only given UK gamblers more choice but also helped the entire industry thrive over time. New casinos often include innovative features, the latest software and fresh themes to enjoy. They also have the latest games to check out and often offer a new take on bonuses or promotions. This has helped the UK iGaming scene reach a very healthy position as of March 2023.

UK online gambling sector is more popular than ever

Any current update on the gambling sector in the country should also focus on an overview of where it is to date. Current figures show that the UK online gambling market has a total gross revenue of $12.5 bn and this makes it the world’s biggest regulated iGaming market. 

It is estimated that the UK online gambling sector currently accounts for a huge 35% of the world’s online gambling industry. With the entire online gambling sector predicted to grow 11.9% year on year moving ahead, we expect to see the UK iGaming industry growing to become even more influential.  When you consider that it is thought people in the UK spend around $16.41bn per year on iGaming currently, this is not hard to imagine.

More focus on responsible gaming in 2023 

In the same way that people around the UK love to catch up on the latest news headlines, those into iGaming also like to find out the latest happenings within the industry. 

If you take a look at UK online gambling in March 2023, you will see that responsible gambling is a hot topic. This is something which was talked about during much of 2022 and it has continued into the current year. As a result, all the best online casinos now offer tools for players to use to gamble more responsibly. Most top brands will also feature messages around responsible gambling in their TV adverts as well. 

Interestingly, this is not the only update around online gambling and the current perception of it. There had previously been talk of the UK government updating the 2005 Gambling Act, and this is still whispered about around the industry in 2023. Although we have not seen it happen yet, this is a major update to know about moving ahead.

Emerging tech in UK online gambling 

The very nature of online gambling means that technology is a key component of the sector. When looking at where the industry stands as of March 2023, emerging tech is definitely something to discuss. 

Cryptocurrencies are being seen as a payment method at more internet casinos now and dedicated crypto sites are being launched in greater numbers. VR is also emerging as a component of the UK online gambling scene and could really take hold if the Metaverse explodes during the remainder of 2023. 

UK online gambling sector in 2023: An overview

The online gambling industry in the UK plays a key role in the country’s overall entertainment sector. As the above shows, it seems to be in a good place right now and is expected to enjoy another great year in 2023. When you also consider how popular mobile online gambling is and what a massive role this plays in UK iGaming, the overall picture currently seems bright.