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Super Bowl halftime show prop bets 2024: Updated odds for Usher songs, guest appearances & more | Sporting News

As all sports fans know by now, the Super Bowl is much more than just a football game. It’s a world-famous production, with exponentially more viewing and betting interest than any other NFL game (or sports game of any kind) all year.

Of the non-football props available to bettors on Super Bowl 58, Usher and the Apple Music Halftime Show have been among the most heavily bet. The pop and R&B superstar appeals to 90s and early-2000s kids who remember his heyday, while also still sounding cool enough to draw interest from today’s young demographics.

And bettors, well, they’ll bet on anything Super Bowl-related! That has been proven year after year, when props like “Which song will be performed first?”, “How many songs will be performed at halftime total?”, and “What color outfit will the performer(s) wear?” have all been popular.

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We haven’t uncovered any confirmed spoilers (and we’re pretty good at that sort of thing), so we don’t have much to go on other than the official halftime show trailer. As such, we’ll have to make educated guesses — but with such an established artist, that should be an easier task than we’ve had over the past few years with younger acts like The Weeknd or duet performances like Jennifer Lopez and Shakira. 

We’ll break down the most interesting props from FanDuel below, and let you know which way we’re leaning for each of them. 

Odds courtesy of FanDuel Sportsbook

Super Bowl halftime show prop bets 2024

What will be the first song performed during the halftime show?

  • My Way: +100
  • OMG!: +150
  • Love in this Club: +700
  • Yeah!: +700
  • DJ Got Us Fallin’ in Love: +1100

The odds-on favorite is “My Way” (+100), Usher’s breakthrough hit from his 1997 album of the same name. However, many betting analysts like the value with “Yeah!” (+700), a club-thumping 2004 track featuring rappers Lil’ Jon and Ludacris. We don’t like either as the first one, because “My Way” seems too slow and “Yeah!” seems like too big a candidate to finish the set or appear somewhere in the middle.

We’re going with “OMG!” (+150) because it’s upbeat, super-famous, and the girls love it. It features will.i.am of the Black-Eyed Peas, but will’s verse could easily be cut out if Mr. Big Tyme doesn’t want to share the stage with anyone for the opening track. We wouldn’t bet a ton of units on this, but we’ll certainly have some fun and put a modest wager down so we can yell “OH MY GOD!” if and when that unmistakable beat drops first at halftime. 

Betting recommendation: OMG! (+150)

Which guest will make an appearance with Usher during the halftime show?

  • Lil Jon: -50000
  • Ludacris: -50000
  • will.i.am: -550
  • Alicia Keys: -114
  • Pitbull: -114
  • Nicki Minaj: +270
  • Post Malone: +450
  • Lil Wayne: +550
  • Justin Bieber: +580
  • David Guetta: +640

Lil’ Jon and Luda opened at -105 and -250, respectively, so their rocket-launch jumps to -50000 basically all but guarantees we’ll be seeing them alongside Usher for their hit song “Yeah!” The real questions will be whether will.i.am (-550) joins the King of R&B to perform “OMG!” or Alicia Keys (-114) comes out to belt out “My Boo.”

Both Ludacris and Alicia Keys are joining Usher for the Lovers and Friends Festival in Las Vegas later this year, so who knows, maybe Super Bowl halftime will be a warmup act of sorts.

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The best value is Keys, who has already been rumored as a potential guest. She’s timelessly good, and she brings a level of star power that few of these other names possess. “My Boo” spent six weeks atop the Billboard charts, and Keys already has experience singing at the Big Game since she performed the national anthem back in Super Bowl 47. 

It’s possible we see Justin Bieber, Usher’s protegé, who has collabed with the R&B sensation on songs like “Somebody to Love.” However, we have a hard time seeing the Biebs — or other more subdued artists like Post Malone — getting up on the stage in front of hundreds of millions of viewers.

Betting recommendation: Alicia Keys (-114)

How many halftime songs will be performed in total?

  • OVER 8.5 songs: -250
  • UNDER 8.5 songs: +170

Usher has been making hits for 30 years, originally getting discovered by Bad Boy producer Puff Daddy back in 1994. He became a household name in 1997 and remained massively famous through the 2000s, racking up a plethora of collaborations and releasing a whopping nine studio albums. 

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The man has produced 81 songs and he has a whopping nine Billboard Hot 100 No. 1 singles. We highly doubt he will cut any of those No. 1 tracks from his setlist, and we also know there’s a strong chance he introduces some of his new stuff on the world’s biggest stage. We’re smashing the OVER despite the heavily-juiced -250 odds.

Betting recommedation: Over 8.5 Songs (-250)