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$SCORP is Sizzling Hot: 210+ Casino Games, 35+ Sports, Up to $10,000 Daily Passive Income, $250K Giveaway

The overall value of the gambling industry is in the billions of dollars, with online casinos enjoying a whopping $263.3 billion market share of this huge industry. However, with the appeal and integration of blockchain into gambling, the crypto casino market has also managed to create a $250 million industry within the competitive space.

Scorpion Casino highlights this on its glorious website, touching on every point that might interest an investor or a casino player. This is also why many speculate the project’s successful presale a trailer of what’s next to come. 

But Can It Beat the Existing Market Leaders?

Scorpion Casino has been launched among a pool of crypto casinos that stand apart from each other with a diverse set of features. Naturally, this means that unless there is extensive marketing employed, the project might not manage to eat into the market share of the existing options. 

However, Scorpion’s developers have managed to overcome this barrier by including every feature that crypto casinos usually boast, along with some more. This action automatically puts the project well above its competitors and makes it a top choice to consider for both new and seasoned players.

Scorpion Casino is licensed and has teamed up with some of the best game providers in the space. It boasts more than 200 casino games, alongside 35+ sports betting options. The native token, SCORP, arises as an ideal investment option here because the mode of payment while playing on the platform is the token itself. In terms of security, the team has ensured it to the community by featuring a complete audit and KYC certificate issued by SolidProof, a popular auditing company in the space.

Some of the biggest competitors that Scorpion Casino might face right now include options like Rollbit, BC.Games, Stake, or Roobet. Out of all these, only Rollbit offers its own native token, but then again, it doesn’t provide staking opportunities for investors, which Scorpion Casino does. There are also other means of passive income that a user can enjoy simply by being a part of the Scorpion ecosystem.

Competitor Chart

Why SCORP Could Emerge as a Market Leader

While there are several compelling reasons why the SCORP token could emerge as a leader in the crypto casino scene in the coming months, some of the most exciting ones include:

Up to $10,000 Daily Passive Income

Investors can start earning immediately, with the potential to receive up to 10,000 USDT in daily passive staking income from this regulated platform, regardless of market conditions. Participants in the SCORP staking pool benefit from a daily staking rate of 150%, which is 50% higher than the typical staking rate. 

This is available to those who lock their SCORP tokens for three years at a price of $0.05, but only for those who participated in the presale. Additionally, half of the tokens acquired through the Scorpion buyback process are directed to the Scorpion Staking Pool, thereby generating daily profits for SCORP holders based on their token holdings.

$250K Giveaway 

Giveaways are almost always welcomed by investors, as they offer community members the opportunity to win free crypto simply by participating in the ecosystem. Scorpion has decided to go big with its giveaway, setting it at a whopping $250k. 

Although this was exclusively for presale participants, the community remains quite excited about who might win it, as evidenced by the numerous social media posts across various platforms tagging the project.

Scorpion NFTs

$Scorp Rewards$Scorp Rewards

You can start off by enjoying extra rewards starting from $1,000. By joining the Elite Scorpion Members Club during the presale, you not only receive more SCORP but also unlock greater rewards. 

Spending $1,000 or more grants you a Bronze Scorpion NFT, along with a 10% SCORP bonus, a 5% casino credits bonus, staking rewards, USDT staking rewards, and a Scorpion Casino VIP Package. The membership NFT is automatically provided upon purchasing SCORP. This escalates to higher levels like Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond NFTs, which provide more perks as the wager amount also increases. 

Collaboration With a Leading Blockchain Incubator

Scorpion Casino has partnered with Tenset, the brains behind successful projects like Meta Hero (with a 100x return from its pre-sale) and Everdome (with an 80x return from its pre-sale). Tenset’s Infinity Program has a strong track record of working with new cryptocurrencies and delivering high returns to early supporters. This strategic partnership, established over months, is poised to elevate SCORP to new heights.

Series of Exchange Listings

Series of Exchange listingSeries of Exchange listing

Tokens typically experience significant price increases when listed on multiple exchanges, as investors anticipate broader exposure. Upcoming listings for SCORP include PancakeSwap on April 16th, LBANK on April 17th, Bitmart on April 22nd, and XT.COM on April 30th. The token has already been listed on PancakeSwap, leading to a considerable price surge. This suggests strong potential for further growth as additional exchanges list the token in the future.

While the project is still in its early phase, it has already managed to garner the attention of gambling enthusiasts from across the globe. At the time of writing, the token is trading in the $0.165 range, which is already more than 230% of what it was launched at originally. 

Given its rising popularity in the scene and the wide variety of elements that it has already integrated, the chance of another SCORP token pump in the future is very strong, making it an investment that any gambling enthusiast or crypto investor must not overlook.

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