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SaltyCo joins Fashion for Good’s global platform – Business & Innovation Magazine

SaltyCo, a Bristol-based start-up which has developed a vegan, petroleum and freshwater-free alternative to down or polyester for insulated clothing, has been selected to join the global platform of Fashion for Good.

Saltyco connects the regeneration of damaged wetlands to the production of healthier materials for the fashion industry, using saline agriculture techniques to grow fibre-bearing plants that can thrive in seawater, enabling the production of the first ‘freshwater-free’ natural fibre textiles.

Their next-generation textile BioPuff is a warm, lightweight and biodegradable insulation material made from one of the best plants for wetland regeneration.

Twelve start-ups have been selected to join the platform of the Amsterdam-based organisation. SaltyCo is the only one from the UK.

Katrin Ley, Managing Director at Fashion for Good, said: “We are excited to welcome 12 new innovators to the 2023 Fashion for Good Innovation Programme.

“We are inspired by the significant impact opportunities their technologies enable. With an emphasis on driving implementation, we provide them with the best support to expedite their exposure and growth into the market.”

In October, Saltyco carried out their first scaled harvest on a 10-acre site in northern Germany, on land that had been drained for agricultural purposes.

The site has been rewetted and transformed back into a carbon-rich, biodiverse environment and the plants grown on the site – pictured with CEO Julian Ellis-Brown – will provide an alternative to goose down for insulating jackets.