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Prince Harry’s UK visit ‘drama’ may have ‘stirred the pot’ with King Charles, says royal expert

A royal expert has claimed that Prince Harry’s short visit to his father, King Charles III, who has been diagnosed with cancer, may have “stirred the pot” among the Royal Family.

Prince Harry’s brief visit to his father, King Charles III, amid a cancer diagnosis sparks speculation and stirs the royal pot (AP Photo/Nick Didlick, File)(AP)

The Duke of Sussex arrived in the UK from California on Tuesday, as soon as he learned about his father’s illness, but he left for LA the next day to join his wife, Meghan Markle, who stayed behind in the US.

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The royal expert Robert Jobson told The Sun, “This is one of the reasons Charles probably didn’t want all the drama. The fact of Harry flying over does give the suggestion that his condition may be a lot worse than it actually may well be.”

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“I think a lot of people will be sitting there thinking, ‘Oh well, it must be bad because he’s on the plane.”

“Harry brings with him a certain drama. Will there be a reconciliation with William and the King? It stirs that whole pot,” he cited.

Prince Harry’s Netflix comments intensify relations with Queen Camilla

Jobson also noted that Harry had criticised Queen Camilla in his book Spare, which may have soured his relationship with his father.

He added, “The Queen was with the King. Let’s be honest – he wasn’t too complimentary about Queen Camilla in his book Spare.”

“He wasn’t very complimentary about her on Netflix. They don’t get on. Second, there’s not been a lot of contact. That brings its own level of complexity and drama which he doesn’t need at the moment.”

The royal expert continued, “The royals do stick to a pretty military clock. You have to get the helicopter pilot there, all these things. So his plans had to be changed. The one thing the King doesn’t like is changing his plans.”

“He gave him long enough for a kiss and hug, and wished him all the best.”

Prince Harry prioritises family over feud in ‘significant gesture’ to King Charles

A PR expert has also said that Prince Harry’s gesture of flying to the UK to see his father shows his desire to mend fences with his family.

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Renae Smith told the Express, “Prince Harry’s decision to be with King Charles following his cancer diagnosis suggests a significant gesture of family solidarity and support.”

“This action indicates that, despite any previous publicised tensions or disagreements within the Royal Family, personal and family bonds can take precedence in times of crisis.”

“It’s a demonstration of prioritising family connections over past disputes, which could indeed open a pathway towards reconciliation within the Royal Family.”