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Prince Harry’s rushed trip to UK made things worse with Prince William

Prince Harry stayed in UK for almost 12 hours but did not meet his brother, Prince William

Prince William has vowed to not meet his estranged brother, Prince Harry, until he apologises for his behaviour and behaves like a ‘gentleman.”

After King Charles personally informed Harry of his cancer diagnosis, the Duke of Sussex did not waste any time to visit his father in his home country.

However, the two only met for 45-minutes and Harry departed from UK without meeting Prince William or Kate Middleton, who recently had an abdominal surgery.

Speaking on the matter, a royal expert claimed that Harry’s rushed trip to UK to see Charles could have made things worse between him and William.

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The expert, Ingrid Seward, told The Sun, “As far as William is concerned he has absolutely no interest in speaking to Harry until Harry behaves like a gentleman and apologises for the years of rudeness and slurs he has aimed at William and the Princess of Wales.”

“William must be privately furious thinking over all the years how he supported Harry and at this one moment in his life when his 75-year-old father and wife of 13 years are both potentially seriously unwell, all Harry can think about is Harry and using it as an opportunity to announce his arrival and expect to see William,” the expert added.

She said Harry’s unplanned visit showed he still acts on impulse and isn’t worried about causing trouble within the royal family.

The report also shared that people close to Harry also said he would have liked to meet his brother while in the UK if given the chance, and he would have accepted any invitation to do so.