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Prince Harry statement in full: ‘Mirror Group have finally conceded’

Prince Harry has settled the remaining parts of his phone-hacking claim against the publisher of the Daily Mirror, after winning a substantial part of his case and damages against the Daily Mirror in December. Following is the statement read outside the court by his lawyer on Friday.

After our victory in December, Mirror Group have finally conceded the rest of my claim, which would have consisted of another two trials, additional evidence and 115 more articles.

Everything we said was happening at Mirror Group was in fact happening, and indeed far worse, as the court ruled in its extremely damning judgment. As the judge has said this morning, we have uncovered and proved the shockingly dishonest way the Mirror Group acted for many years and then sought to conceal the truth.

In light of all this, we call again for the authorities to uphold the rule of law and to prove that no one is above it. That includes Mr [Piers] Morgan, who, as editor, knew perfectly well what was going on, as the judge held.

Even his own employer realised it simply could not call him as a witness of truth.

His contempt for the court’s ruling and his continued attacks ever since demonstrate why it was so important to obtain a clear and detailed judgment.

As I said back in December, our mission continues. I believe in the positive change it will bring for all of us. It is the very reason why I started this, and why I will continue to see it through to the end.