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Prince Harry berates Piers Morgan, UK host’s scathing reply: ‘Stop doing…’

Prince Harry said that his mission to purge the press would continue “through to the end” as he accepted substantial damages to settle his case against Mirror Group Newspapers. The settlement vindicated his claims about the newspapers’ behaviour, he said in a statement, adding, “Everything we said was happening at Mirror Group was in fact happening, and indeed far worse as the Court ruled in its extremely damning judgement.”

Britain’s Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex, waves.(AP)

The court had concluded in December that there had been widespread hacking and unlawful activities at Mirror Group Newspapers from 1996 until 2011, and Prince Harry was one of the claimants who sued the UK publisher.

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Mirror Group Newspapers said it was pleased to have reached an agreement with Prince Harry and “where historical wrongdoing took place, we apologise unreservedly, have taken full responsibility and paid compensation.”

Although Prince Harry said that his mission continues, in reference to lawsuits against publishers. Prince Harry has made similar allegations against Associated Newspapers, the publisher of the Daily Mail, and News Corp.’s British newspaper arm, News Group Newspapers.

“As I said back in December, our mission continues,” he said, adding, “It is the very reason why I started this, and why I will continue to see it through to the end.”

Targeting UK host Piers Morgan, a former Daily Mirror editor, who was among senior figures who had known about the “widespread” unlawful behaviour at Mirror Group Newspapers, Prince Harry said, “We call again for the authorities to uphold the rule of law and to prove that no one is above it. That includes Mr Morgan, who as editor, knew perfectly well what was going on, as the judge held.”

Piers Morgan hit back on the Duke of Sussex posting on social media platform X (formerly Twitter), “I totally agree with Prince Harry that ruthless intrusion into the private lives of the Royal Family for financial gain is utterly reprehensible … and I hope he stops doing it.”