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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle ‘not welcome in UK’ after duke’s ‘PR stunt’

A royal biographer has hit out at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in an inteview – calling the pair “poisionous” and warning they are “not welcome in Britain”.

Speaking on GB News on Sunday, royal author Tom Bower discussed Harry’s short 30-minute meeting with his father King Charles who has recently been diagnosed with cancer, calling the quick visit a “PR stunt”.

The Duke of Sussex flew from California last Tuesday and stayed in a hotel before flying back the following morning.

Mr Bower, who has written numerous books on the Royal Family, said: “When Harry announced he was doing his dash across the Atlantic last Tuesday, I said many times how suspicious I was.

“I didn’t believe he was coming to be by his father’s side. You can’t trust the Sussexes. Everything is done in their interest and they have been absolutely poisonous in their treatment and their comments about Britain and the monarchy.

“I do hope now that Harry was sort of kicked out after 30 minutes having flown from California, not invited to stay the night in any of the many Palace bedrooms, I think he’s now got the message he’s not welcome in Britain”.

Meghan Markle stayed at home with their three children, having not been back to the UK since the late Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral in November 2022.