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Pilot in hospital after crash-landing plane into garden in Wales

A pilot who crashed his plane into a garden in Wales has been airlifted to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

The unidentified pilot, who was alone in the plane, “ploughed down into a tree” in the back garden of a house in Bodffordd, a small village in Anglesey, north Wales.

Steve Davies, who lives next door to the site of the crash, told the PA news agency he heard a noise “like an engine misfiring and cutting out” followed by “a sound like trees getting hit then a loud bang”.

“I didn’t know it was a light aircraft crashing until my neighbour came over asking if I saw anything,” he said. “At that point police and fire service were on the way.”

Another neighbour, Arwel Jones, told the BBC he heard the light aircraft’s engine “getting starved of fuel and just ticking over”.

“He was so low to the ground and he just ploughed down into a tree in a neighbour’s garden. I couldn’t believe my eyes,” Jones said. “When we saw that happening, I was just hoping he hadn’t crashed into anybody or into anybody’s house.”

He went to check on the pilot, who he said was “OK and talking”.

There were no other casualties.

Rees Roberts, who was working outside nearby, told the BBC he saw the “black and yellow bumblebee aeroplane” flying lower than usual. He heard the engine suddenly “cut off completely” and then the plane “just fell like a brick”.

The plane had crashed into some Cypress trees, which had broken its descent, he said.

North Wales fire and rescue service said in a statement: “At 1.44pm today, we received reports of a light aircraft crashing close to a residential area.

“We attended the location, along with North Wales police officers and ambulance crews.

“The male pilot was the only occupant of the aircraft and he was subsequently conveyed to hospital by air ambulance with non-life-threatening injuries.

“No other injuries were reported from the scene.”

Davies praised the emergency services for their speedy response.