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Luke Penberthy Sets Sights on Unity FC Bantamweight Title in Return to the Cage

As the Unity Fighting Championship approaches on February 17th at the Dolphin Centre in Darlington, all eyes are on Luke Penberthy as he prepares to make his long-awaited return to the cage. In an exclusive interview, Penberthy opens up about his mindset, training regimen, and aspirations leading up to the title fight against Arran Legge.

After a hiatus from competitive fighting since 2021, Penberthy is eager to step back into the spotlight: “Yeah, so I’ve not had a fight since 2021, but I’ve not stopped training since then,” Penberthy shares: “It took a lot of time to develop my strength and conditioning to find the best weight for me, as I am now moving up to bantamweight.”

Luke Penberthy Talks MMA Return on Feb. 17

During his time away from the cage, Penberthy remained active in the gym, honing his skills and supporting his teammates: “I’ve helped Davey prepare for every one of his recent fights while I’ve been active, and I feel like every bit of my game has improved,” he explains.

Despite the time away, Penberthy sees his experience as a significant advantage going into the title fight against Arran Legge: “It is the perfect fight for me to return to, and I will be looking to step straight back into the cage after this fight and stay active,” he states.

For Penberthy, returning to the cage and capturing the bantamweight title would be a sweet victory: “I can’t wait to enter back into the cage and show everyone what I’m now capable of, especially in front of a big home crowd when I lift that belt,” he says with anticipation.


When asked about his fight prediction, Penberthy remains confident in his ability to secure the victory: “I’ll be finishing this fight by any means necessary; don’t count anything out,” he declares, leaving fans eager to see his performance on fight night.

As the countdown to February 17th begins, Luke Penberthy stands poised to reclaim his place in the MMA spotlight, fueled by determination, preparation, and a burning desire to claim the Unity FC bantamweight title.