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Lamar Jackson next team odds: Colts, Patriots favored to land former MVP

Lamar Jackson appears headed towards a divorce from the Baltimore Ravens.

Such is the risk both sides ran when contract negotiations broke down over the past year, and the team decided to put the rare non-exclusive franchise tag on the embattled former MVP.

And now we can bet on which team he will go to next.

As the NFL and NBA Drafts have taught us, speculative betting markets are often more accurate than not.

Like those markets, we can simply follow the money and see where the information is pointing with Jackson.

And we have that ability thanks to PointsBet Sportsbook, which is now offering wagering on which team Jackson will play for next.

After originally posting the odds in January (then quickly removing them), they are now available again for wagering, with recent information and quarterback movement factored in to the new odds.

If Jackson returns to the Ravens, all bets are voided.

Lamar Jackson next team odds (opening) Lamar Jackson next team odds (current) Implied probability (current)
New York Jets (+300) Indianapolis Colts (+200) 33.3 percent
Atlanta Falcons (+400) New England Patriots (+300) 25 percent
New England Patriots (+600) Tennessee Titans (+700) 12.5 percent
Las Vegas Raiders (+700) Washington Commanders (+800) 11.1 percent
Carolina Panthers (+700) Detroit Lions (+800) 11.1 percent
Indianapolis Colts +(800) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+1000) 10 percent
Seattle Seahawks (+800) Green Bay Packers (+1000) 10 percent
Washington Commanders (+1200) Atlanta Falcons (+1200) 7.69 percent
Carolina Panthers (+1600) 5.88 percent
Houston Texans (+1600) 5.88 percent
Miami Dolphins (+1600) 5.88 percent
San Francisco 49ers (+2000) 4.76 percent
New York Jets (+3000) 3.23 percent
Odds provided by PointsBet Sportsbook, must be located in Illinois

Lamar Jackson next team

Fascinating betting odds here.

The Colts becoming favorites directly coincide with reporting that Indianapolis was interested in talking with Jackson – and that the Patriots were “wild cards” to sign him.

We know Jackson wants a massive guaranteed contract that will likely displease every other owner in the NFL.

It will take a special kind of aggressiveness from an owner; is it Jim Irsay’s time to step up?

Lamar Jackson
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Lamar Jackson warms up
Lamar Jackson warms up
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Betting on the NFL?

A PointsBet spokesperson told The Post that the most bet-on team is, by far, the Atlanta Falcons.

The Falcons (+1200) currently have the highest bet count (66 percent of all bets) and most money bet on the market (69 percent of all cash).

It’s a curious number, as when teams began to take themselves out of the running for Jackson, Atlanta was included as one that wasn’t interested.

But bettors aren’t buying that the Falcons are indeed out, with only Desmond Ridder and Taylor Heinicke slated to compete for the starting gig.

Lamar Jackson's next team is the hottest debate in the NFL.
Lamar Jackson’s next team is the hottest debate in the NFL.
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As for the Jets (+3000), those odds are rich.

They were favorites to land Jackson at the opening, and the correction to +3000 seems a bit too long in case the Rodgers negotiations go haywire.