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Katrina Fisher Promises to Continue Finishing Streak at GTFP 25: “I Will Finish Her”

In a few weeks, Katrina Fisher will kickstart her 2024 campaign at Golden Ticket Fight Promotions, this time competing for her first amateur title. The added motivation and excitement levels are palpable as she prepares for this significant milestone in her early MMA career. Known for ticking off milestones and embracing the journey, Fisher shares her thoughts on what winning the title would mean for her journey thus far.

“I have only just started my MMA fighting career, and it will be great to be recognized as one of the top Amateur Female athletes in the country by winning this title,” says Katrina. “But my overall aim, though, is just to get better as an athlete and enjoy the journey. I am just taking each individual fight as it comes. I see them as a new puzzle to solve and a new way for me to add more skills to my game.”

Confidence radiates from Katrina as she enters this fight riding a three-fight win streak. Reflecting on her last two years of competition, she attributes her success to her relentless work ethic and dedication to improvement: “I work extremely hard in the gym. I train every day, sometimes as many as three sessions a day,” she shares. “I feel like everything I am doing in the gym is now translating into the cage, and I am just starting to show what I am capable of.”

Katrina Fisher Bursting With Confidence

One notable aspect of Fisher’s training regimen is her commitment to training with a diverse range of partners, exposing herself to different styles and challenge: “My whole camp is about exposing my faults and strengthening my skills. I find girls who I am not likely to fight or girls who I have competed with before who are true competitors,” she explains. “When I step into the cage, there is not a lot I haven’t seen or dealt with already.”

Despite her limited experience in the sport, Katrina Fisher exudes a maturity and comfort inside the cage that belies her years: “I always walk into the cage feeling confident because I know that I have done everything I could have possibly done in that camp,” she says. “That gives me the freedom and confidence to just go in there and give it my all.”

Looking ahead to her upcoming bout against Molly Cooper, Katrina is prepared for the challenge: “Stylistically I love this fight for me,” she asserts. “She looks like a skilled striker, but this is MMA, and if she hasn’t adapted her skill set, then she is in for a tough night.”

Katrina is confident in her ability to secure the victory and is eager to showcase her skills: “I know Molly hasn’t ever faced anyone like me yet, and I know I will finish her,” she declares. “I wish her the best of luck and hope she brings her best into the cage because I know I will!”

Executing Her Game Plan

As Katrina sets her sights on the Golden Ticket Fight Promotions amateur flyweight championship, she remains grounded and focused on the task at hand. “For me, this is the same as any other fight,” she emphasizes: “I go in, I execute my game plan, I get the finish, and I take the belt.”

With determination in her heart and fire in her eyes, Katrina Fisher is poised to conquer the cage and claim the title at Golden Ticket Fight Promotions 25.