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How the online gambling industry will surprise players in 2023 – London Post

Coronavirus pandemic that suddenly struck our planet, gradually died down, and according to most experts in the field of gambling, this year the gaming industry expects significant growth in revenues. Moreover, experts predict that the highest profits are expected from the gambling market in the UK, as well as many European countries. Revenue growth in the gaming industry is due to a significant increase in interest in online casinos, the number of which is constantly growing in the UK. www.casinosnotongamstopuk.co.uk is among those virtual gambling establishments that are growing in popularity year by year in the British Isles.

So what should be the growth of revenues in the gambling industry in other European countries and further around the world? According to many experts, one of the main trends of 2023 and several following years will be the virtual reality products, the demand for which has considerably increased lately. The prospects in this direction are very promising and even impressive.

What can the online gambling industry offer in 2023?

In the gambling industry, game content developers and software providers have always strived to surprise customers with the most advanced solutions concerning design and graphics, gameplay quality, payment methods, etc.

If we talk about the current 2023, some innovations should already be available before the end of the year, which can significantly spread the emphasis in the whole industry. It is these innovations that will be discussed further in this article.

Changing the payment ecosystem

With the international exchange FTX collapsing in the autumn of 2022, it is widely believed that interest in cryptocurrency payments globally will diminish significantly. However, a number of experts are saying out loud that interest in cryptocurrency transactions will continue no matter what. This is due to the fact that card payments have somewhat discredited themselves due to the complete lack of anonymity. So crypto is not going anywhere, unless bitcoin gives way to some other currencies.

The emergence of out-of-the-box games

In order to stay competitive, developers will have to create fundamentally new slot machines: with additional features for foreign gamblers or with NFT integration. That, at least, is what Aviatrix did, introducing such a game just six months ago.

Renewing the concept of live dealer games

It seems that such a massive entry online happened solely because of the emergence of the cornavirus pandemic, but the format of the game with real croupiers has caused a genuine increase in interest in classic card games, roulette, bingo and others. For owners of virtual gambling establishments, live casinos have already become a must-have option, generating genuine interest from foreign gamblers on the other side of the screen. This is yet another opportunity for land-based casino owners to try and attract players from a great distance to the gaming table.

The fall in popularity of land-based casinos

With digital technology advancing at an unprecedented rate, the process of opening an online casino seems like a no-brainer these days. And the benefits of going online for everyone are obvious:

The profits from online gambling are considerably higher than those derived from land-based gambling establishments;

anonymity is maintained at the highest level;

Opportunities for players to participate from anywhere in the world;

The highest level of gamification and 3D design, completely unavailable in standard offline casinos.

Growing interest in stream mode betting

Industry experts strongly predict that a bright and promising future awaits this trend. Such a solution offers the possibility of significantly increasing the level of confidence of gamblers, in general, in esports, as well as significantly popularizing the format of stream gambling.

Widespread adoption of artificial intelligence

The task of artificial intelligence is to make quality predictions on perceived risks. Today, integrating such elements into products is a major challenge for the industry, but slot machines represent the realm of new integrations and the fastest possible adaptation.

Artificial intelligence offers the opportunity to provide services of the same high quality as humans do.

The development of digital technology in the online gambling industry offers further opportunities to further improve the industry. The speed of development of today’s online gambling industry indicates that the near future of the online gaming industry will be as high-tech as it is impressive.