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Getir takes a swipe at its UK rivals: RTIH’s most read retail technology articles from last week — Retail Technology Innovation Hub

Check out the articles on this here website that caught your fancy this past week, including Getir, REWE Group, WhiteStuff, Ikea, Heinz, J.Crew, Luca Faloni, and Lidl Ireland.

Getir claims spike in London sales as Deliveroo, Just Eat, Uber Eats drivers strike over pay

Getir, a Turkish ultrafast grocery delivery firm, reports massive demand during a delivery riders strike in London and Brighton.

Deliveroo drivers went on strike last week demanding higher pay, with thousands estimated to be taking part in the walkout, and support also coming from Just Eat and Uber Eats couriers.

Getir said in a statement emailed to RTIH: “Following the decision of the drivers working on food delivery platforms to call a strike across the entire London area on the evening of Friday 2nd February, Getir, the world’s first ultrafast delivery service, is reporting a spike in sales in the capital.”

The company did not give specific numbers whilst taking a swipe at its rivals.

“Unlike many of its counterparts within the delivery space, Getir offers a mix of full-time, part-time and zero hour contracts to riders, ensuring a bespoke approach that suits the personal needs of riders around the country,” it stated.

“Our riders are paid at least the real living wage, with guaranteed pay, holiday pay, tips and bonuses.”

It added: “At a time when consumers are looking for alternatives, we are continuing to operate, offering convenience for customers by delivering their groceries within 10-15 minutes.”

“Customers will continue to have access to an assortment of up to thousands of products, including known and loved brands like GAIL’s Bakery in London, Co-op, meat from HG Walter and fresh fish from the Wright Brothers.”

REWE Group launches REWE Ready ‘smart shop’ at EV charging station, powered by Reckon.ai tech

REWE Group has launched a REWE Ready ‘smart shop’ at the EnBW Hypernetz EV Charging Hub in Lichtenau/Chemnitz, Germany.

Customers can buy Rewe and Go sandwiches, wraps, salads, get a beer, buy cigarettes, and enjoy a cappuccino while they are charging their cars.

In a LinkedIn post, Mehmet Tözge, Director Smart Store Development at Lekkerland SE, said: “Lekkerland SE customer preferences have changed. End consumers want to shop 24/7, fast and with as few contacts as possible.”

The store includes smart fridges from Reckon.ai.

Shoppers scan their card, open the door, take their products, close the door and leave within 30 seconds.

Tözge said: “The combination of computer vision cameras with sensor fusion enables us to offer end consumers a unique, reliable and seamless way of shopping. The time to market and the ease of implementation: smart fridges are plug and play devices. Going live is a matter of seconds.”

He added: “New products are added within a couple of minutes. All temperature zones are possible. Shopping by Tap&Go or by mobile Application and much more.”

Ana Pinto, CEOat Reckon.ai. commented: “This is our first shop at an EV charging station powered by our AI smart cabinets, creating a fully autonomous shopping experience. The future is now.”

Ikea picks US market for launch of new artificial intelligence powered assistant in OpenAI GPT Store

Ikea has launched an AI powered home design, inspiration and shopping tool, available exclusively on the OpenAI GPT Store.

It says that the move marks “a significant step in democratising planning services and creating a better life for the many, by offering a tool that gives users personalised furniture and decor suggestions based on factors such as room dimensions, personal style, sustainability preferences, budget, functional requirements, and more.”

“The new Ikea AI Assistant on GPT Store is an ongoing initiative, and the continuation of a journey that looks to enrich the retail experience and explore additional avenues to interact with our customers and coworkers, as they help us improve and develop further,” says Parag Parekh, Global Chief Digital Officer at Ikea Retail (Ingka Group).