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‘Decapitated’ deer among several dead animals dumped outside primary school

The dead animals outside the gates of Awbridge Primary School in Romsey (Picture: Solent News & Photo Agency)

More than 20 dead animals, including a ‘decapitated deer’, were left outside a primary school close to an area known for suspected Satanic activity.

Shocked staff arrived to find the macabre scene by the gates of Awbridge Primary School in Romsey, Hampshire, on Friday morning.

As well as the headless dear, rabbits, pheasants and hares were found strewn out on the tarmac in a way that suggests they had been carefully placed.

Police and council workers removed the animals before schoolchildren arrived for the day.

Romsey sits on the edge of the New Forest National Park, where a number of sinister discoveries have been linked to Satanic activity.

Mandy Robinson, 47, was driving past the school with her husband at around 6am when she spotted the carcasses and said it it was ‘like something out of a horror movie’.

Staff at the school were said to be ‘in disbelief’ (Picture: Solent News & Photo Agency)

Another witness, Scott, who didn’t want to give his full name, was giving his partner a lift to work when noticed the animals at 7.15am.

‘We drove around the corner and saw a load of animals outside the school gates,’ he said.

‘There were pheasants, rabbits, a big hare and also a small deer – possibly a muntjac – that had been decapitated.

‘It is shocking right outside the school gates.

‘It’s just senseless and needless killing of animals – it’s bizarre.’

Scott said hunters might have discarded the animals, but added: ‘Why just dump it outside the school gates? It’s vile.

‘The school staff were in disbelief.’

Jayne Fahey, Headteacher of Awbridge Primary School said: ‘As Headteacher, I am truly saddened by this event and struggle to comprehend why anyone would think it an appropriate thing to do.

‘My main concern is for the wellbeing of our pupils and the members of staff who were exposed to the scene prior to children arriving and I am extremely proud of how they dealt with situation.

‘As staff approached school this morning, they realised that a large number of dead animals including rabbits, pheasants and a deer were strewn across the road towards the junction of Danes Road/Romsey Road and close to the school vehicle entrance.

‘Thankfully, the police and council were quickly on the scene to remove the dead animals, and this was done before the children arrived at school.

‘We are pleased say that there was no disruption to the children’s learning or the school day.’

The animals appeared to be carefully placed (Picture: Solent News & Photo Agency)

A spokesman from Hampshire Constabulary said: ‘We can confirm we received calls from around 6.30am this morning (Friday February 9), relating to a number of dead animals left in Danes Road, Awbridge.

‘Around 25 dead animals including pheasants and hares had been left in the road.

‘Officers attended and liaised with Test Valley Borough Council to clear up the animals.

‘Enquiries into this incident are ongoing.’

Last month a deer was found strung up in a tree in the nearby town of Totton, where locals said the animals are not usually seen nearby, leading them to suspect the perpetrator transported the carcass to put it on display.

At the 12th century St Peter’s Church in New Forest village Bramshaw, congregation members found a cat hanging from a flagpole in December 2022, just weeks after a dead fox was found near its doorstep.

In January 2023, police were alerted to possible Satanists after pig hearts were found on top of Bronze Age mound surrounded by candles on Stagbury Hill in the new Forest.

This raised fears of an animal sacrifice, with pigs often the focus of religious rituals stretching back to ancient Greek times, usually to appease a supernatural being, though it is not known if it was merely just a prank.

In 2019, Bramshaw was further plagued by suspected Satanists after two dead sheep were found with pentagrams spray-painted on their bodies, a cow was stabbed in the neck and the number 666 was daubed on the doors of the church.

Satanism is a religious, or counter-cultural practice, based on the figure of Satan.

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