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CJ Cowling Promises for a “Display Worth Watching” at Unity Fighting Championship

As the Unity Fighting Championship approaches on February 17th, all eyes are on newcomer CJ Cowling as he gears up for his amateur MMA debut. In an exclusive interview, Cowling opens up about his emotions, training journey, and aspirations leading up to the highly anticipated event.

Entering the world of MMA for the first time can be overwhelming, but Cowling approaches it with a mix of excitement and focus:”I’m feeling excited and focused, and I’ve got fire in my belly,” Cowling shares: “Maybe some of that is a little bit of nerves, but I see these as a positive and use this as ammunition for my training.”

CJ Cowling Set for MMA Debut

With six years of Jiujitsu training under his belt, Cowling took a break before returning to the sport with renewed vigor: “I trained in Jiujitsu for around 6 years, then took a break,” he explains: “I decided to come back into the sport after hearing about balance MMA and wanted to do all areas as I hadn’t done much stand-up.” After approximately ten months of rigorous training at Balance MMA, Cowling felt confident in his abilities, especially after securing a victory in his recent kickboxing debut.

Reflecting on his kickboxing experience, Cowling acknowledges the confidence it instilled in him: “The kickboxing fight has given me the confidence I needed to go for my goal, which inevitably is to become established in the MMA world,” he says.

As Cowling prepares to step into the cage for his debut, he promises to deliver a performance that exceeds expectations: “You’ll see pure entertainment and skills above people’s expectations, with this only being my first fight,” he confidently declares.

Cowling Talks Dylan Muir

Facing off against Dylan Muir, who already has two amateur fights to his name, Cowling remains unfazed by his opponent’s experience: “Makes no difference to me that he’s already had the experience,” Cowling states: “I’m focused on myself and am confident I can get the job done.”

With Unity FC hyping up the matchup as one to watch, Cowling assures fans that they won’t be disappointed: “When the cage doors close, you will be in for a display worth watching,” he promises.

For Cowling, a win on his debut would mark the beginning of a promising amateur MMA career: “The win would start my amateur MMA career off as it means to go on,” he says. “Avenging my teammate Cole would be the icing on the cake for me as he’s a very good mate of mine.”

As the countdown to February 17th begins, CJ Cowling stands ready to make his mark in the world of amateur MMA, fueled by determination, confidence, and a burning passion for the sport, his fight in the Dolphin Centre in Darlington is not to be missed.