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Best NCAAB Bets Today: CBB Betting Picks For March 19, 2023

College basketball is a sport that features more games than most, thanks to the presence of well over 300 Division I college teams. With all of the college basketball games going on each season, we will have plenty of college basketball picks locked and loaded from the start of the season through the end of the NCAA Tournament, which you can find here throughout the year.

College Basketball Best Bets For March 19, 2023

CBB Best Bet #1: Kansas -3.5 over Arkansas

Bill Self is set to miss this game, as he has been out due to his health and unable to coach the Kansas Jayhawks of late. But this line feels like an overreaction to that news, as the Jayhawks still have the more talented team coming into this contest. We make this line closer to seven points even without Self, as the Jayhawks should end up in the Sweet 16 without having to sweat things out too much on Saturday.

CBB Best Bet #2: Alabama -8.5 over Maryland

Yes, Brandon Miller is dealing with an injury that has him operating at less than 100% from a health perspective entering Saturday’s action. But the depth of Alabama will help make up for any struggles that Miller encounters. Maryland needed multiple comebacks to beat a lackluster West Virginia team in the first round, and they will not be able to dig themselves out of a similar hole this time around.

What Are Our College Basketball Best Bets

Each day, our college basketball betting experts look at the slate of college basketball games from a betting perspective. Using their unique approach to making college basketball picks, they identify the best college basketball bets of the day and post them here. You can then take these free college basketball best bets and bring them to your preferred sportsbooks to place your bets throughout the NCAA basketball season. Those bets bets can be found above.

How We Pick the Best College Basketball Bets Today

When identifying the best college basketball bets on a daily basis, our college basketball experts look at the entire board. While big games in the power conferences of college basketball and games during March Madness are the most popular to bet on, the value in the betting markets often lies in smaller games throughout the college basketball season. At ATS, we leave no stone unturned when making our college basketball picks.

Some bettors who consume a large amount of sports betting content may ask if these predictions are college basketball consensus picks, leaning on the expertise of others. They are not public consensus predictions, as these college basketball picks come straight from the work that our college basketball handicappers do on their own to give you more confidence when you bet on college basketball games.

Where to Bet On College Basketball Picks

In each state where sports betting is legal, there are no shortage of choices as to where to place bets on college basketball games. But not all college basketball betting sites are created equal. Below are three sportsbooks that we recommend for college basketball betting, featuring sportsbook promotions that can help build your bankroll this college hoops campaign.

Types of Best NCAAB Bets Today

On this page, we recommend our best college basketball bets on a daily basis during the season. Typically, there are three main types of college basketball picks that we make, as many states do not allow for college basketball betting on player props or other exotic markets.

Spread Bets

Point spread bets are a constant at college basketball betting sites, as the point spread market asks bettors who will win and by what margin. College basketball bettors can either back the favorite in this market to win by more than the point spread amount, or on the underdog to either win outright or keep the final margin of a loss within the point spread amount.

Over/Under Bets

College basketball betting sites also routinely feature over/under bets on games throughout the college basketball season. This market asks bettors to predict whether the number of points scored in a college basketball game will be greater than or less than the number set by a sportsbook before or during each game. This can often be one of the best college basketball betting markets, as deep knowledge of styles and tempos for each team can yield positive results.

Moneyline Bets

Another betting market that you will see often in our collection of our best college basketball picks is the moneyline market. With moneylines, the objective of bettors is to pick between two college basketball teams to win each game on the schedule. While this market is the easiest to understand in terms of its objective, it is anything but a layup, as there are frequent upsets in college basketball from opening night through the NCAA Tournament.

Best Strategies For College Basketball Picks

Strategically speaking, there are a few things that bettors should always think about when making their bets on NCAA basketball games. These strategic thought processes are used by our expert college basketball handicappers when making what they deem to be their best college basketball bets.

Avoiding Parlay Bets

Bettors are being inundated with parlays these days, in college basketball and other sports. But combining college basketball best bets into parlays is not a winning strategy. For example, if three of our four free college basketball predictions win in a given day, that would be a profitable set of straight bets but a losing parlay ticket. Instead, bettors should take our free college basketball advice and use them to place single bets.

Consistent Bankroll Management Strategy

In a similar vein, using proper bankroll management techniques is essential to success when betting on NCAA basketball. Not chasing losses by betting more after a loss is key to financial health when betting on college hoops, as is not betting more during marquee events like March Madness or major early season tournaments. This will help smooth out any peaks and valleys that variance can cause, which is good for any player’s bankroll long-term.

Understanding the Sport

When betting on this sport, it is important to understand from the start that NCAA basketball can be unpredictable. While many new bettors may be here looking for “college basketball locks”, there is no such thing. Instead of an unrealistic search for college basketball locks, bettors should be looking for college basketball best bets that will sustainably make them money in the long run.

College Basketball Predictions All College Basketball Season

College sports fans can rest assured that we will have NCAA basketball picks available from the regular season through March Madness. While our March Madness picks will draw from a larger body of work from each team, our NCAAB betting advice is grounded in data that can be used all season long. We go much deeper than blindly regurgitating betting trends that do not do not lead to profitable sports betting picks, which shows in the quality of our college basketball action.