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Aoriqileng Hospitalized With Testicle Injury Following Multiple Low Blows

In the recent UFC bout between Aoriqileng and Daniel Marcos in Las Vegas, things took an unexpected turn. Aoriqileng, the Chinese UFC fighter, faced a challenging moment during the clash, resulting in a trip to the hospital.

Throughout the fight, both Aoriqileng and Marcos inadvertently committed fouls, including low blows and eye pokes. These unintentional infractions disrupted the flow of the match and ultimately led to its classification as a no-contest.

Aoriqileng Sent to Hospital Following Testicle Injury at UFC Vegas 86

Despite a warning from the referee regarding point deductions for repeated fouls, the situation escalated. Marcos landed a kick directly to Aoriqileng’s groin, prompting the referee to halt the fight temporarily. Aoriqileng was given the standard five minutes to recover, but unfortunately, it wasn’t sufficient.

Due to the unintentional foul and the subsequent inability to continue, the match was declared a no contest. The fight concluded at the 3:28 mark of the second round, leaving both fighters without a definitive win or loss on their records.

Injury Update

Reports from MMAMania.com indicate that Aoriqileng was promptly taken to the hospital for medical evaluation. Concerns regarding potential injuries to his testicles and head prompted a testicular ultrasound and a precautionary CT scan.

In light of these events, Aoriqileng’s manager, Wang Le, provided reassurance about his condition. While there was swelling in the tubes around his testicles, the structural integrity remained intact, indicating a positive outcome despite the unfortunate circumstances of the match.

In the world of combat sports, unforeseen challenges and unexpected outcomes are not uncommon. Aoriqileng’s experience serves as a reminder of the physical demands and risks inherent in professional fighting. Despite the disappointment of the match ending in a no contest, both fighters displayed sportsmanship and respect throughout the ordeal.

As Aoriqileng focuses on his recovery, fans eagerly anticipate his return to the octagon, and hopefully both men can re-book this fight. The Chinese athlete took some harsh criticism with many fans labelling him a ‘quitter’.

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